Where is Warren Glowatski from Under the Bridge today? Whereabouts of Reena Virk's murderer explored

Under the Bridge Image via Youtube / Hulu
Under the Bridge (Image via Youtube/Hulu)

The brutal murder of 14-year-old Reena Virk in Victoria, British Columbia, has come into the focus again with Hulu's recently released true-crime series Under the Bridge. In this shocking 1997 case, Virk was invited to a party by her peers, where she faced a horrific assault and was ultimately drowned by Warren Glowatski and Kelly Ellard.

Warren Glowatski, an accomplice in the Under the Bridge case, received day parole in 2007 and full parole in 2010, with the support of Virk's family. Since then, he has led a completely private life and his exact whereabouts are unknown.

Under the Bridge delves into the investigation and aftermath of this tragic event that occurred with Virk. But where are the perpetrators now? In 2007 Virk’s parents supported Warren Glowatski for parole. Her mother, Suman Virk, said:

"He was an angry, scared little kid who was trying to prove something in a negative way."

She further added:

"Today, I think we see a young man who has taken responsibility for his actions and is trying to amend the wrong that he did."

Whereabouts of the murderers from Under the Bridge

Warren Glowatski's whereabouts

Warren Glowatski was convicted of second-degree murder in 1999 and sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after seven years. During his time in various Canadian prisons, he went through multiple rehabilitation programs and expressed guilt for his actions.

In June 2007, Glowatski was granted day parole, allowing him to participate in community activities during the day while returning to prison at night. During this time, he formed a bond with Reena Virk’s parents, Suman and Manjit Virk, who met with him several times and acknowledged his efforts to take responsibility for his actions.

Glowatski was released on full parole in 2010 under conditions that included restricting from intoxicants, avoiding contact with known criminals, and regularly reporting to a parole officer. It is not uncommon for individuals who committed crimes as minors to change their names and maintain a low profile after their release to avoid public scrutiny and start anew.

Kelly Ellard's current status

Kelly Ellard, who also played a central role in Reena Virk’s murder, was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Unlike Glowatski, Ellard has faced a more rough path towards potential release. Despite being granted day parole, her full release has been delayed multiple times due to various issues, including behavioral concerns.

Ellard, who has since changed her name to Kerry Sim, remains in prison, although with the possibility of day parole allowing limited freedoms during the daytime.

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The Shoreline Six from Under the Bridge

Other participants in the initial attack on Reena Virk, known collectively as the Shoreline Six, received varied sentences for their roles in the assault. Nicole Cook, who initiated the attack, was given a custodial sentence along with the others. Since then, Cook has stayed out of the public eye, and limited information is available about her current life.

Another participant, Missy Grace Pleich, similarly received a juvenile sentence and has not made any public appearances related to the case. Some members, such as Gail Ooms, have been reported dead.

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Reflection and Legacy

The murder of Reena Virk in Under the Bridge case remains a poignant reminder of the consequences of bullying and peer pressure. The actions of Warren Glowatski and his co-conspirators had devastating effects on the Virk family and the community at large. Efforts by Reena’s parents to forgive and engage with Glowatski highlight their commitment to healing and advocacy against bullying.


Hulu’s Under the Bridge not only revisits the chilling details of the case but also serves as a platform to discuss broader social issues, including the rehabilitation of young offenders.

Under the Bridge urges viewers to reflect on the complexities of justice and the potential for redemption. As for Glowatski, his life post-release remains largely private, avoiding any mass interactions and walking ahead of the bygones.

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