Why fans shouldn’t get their hope for Shōgun episode 11? Explained

Why fans shouldn’t get their hope for Shōgun episode 11? (Image via FX)
Why fans shouldn’t get their hope for Shōgun episode 11? (Image via FX)

Given the events that transpired in the tenth installment, there is no wonder why the hype statically grows for Shōgun episode 11.

Episode 9 ended on a sad note, leaving fans utterly devastated by what happened to Mariko. With that, it was apparent that this was yet another blow for the fans, leaving no hope for the character's future in the series.

However, it was not just Mariko's uncertain fate that had fans impatiently waiting for the tenth installment. The episode was also anticipated to depict the Battle of Sekigahara, but surprisingly, it ended on a different note, leaving fans confused.

This became the very reason why one would anticipate Shōgun episode 11 in the cards, but unfortunately, episode 10 was the grand finale for the historical epic. Follow along with the article to learn more.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers for FX’s Shōgun. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Shōgun episode 11 was never on the cards


FX’s Shōgun was initially announced to be developed in a straight-to-series, with no further detail revealed.

Eventually, as the release date neared, it was disclosed that the miniseries would be running for ten episodes in total from February 27 to April 23, 2024. Given that it's apparent that fans shouldn’t expect Shōgun episode 11 the next week.

Although many fans would be disappointed with the ending of the show not showcasing the ascension of Toranaga and the fall of Ishido, surprisingly, it is where the book ends.

As witnessed in the finale, the episode gives a brief glimpse of the epic battle, which Toranaga narrated to Yabushige. He also told that Crimson Sky Plan was already finished with Mariko’s arrival in Osaka.

Here’s what Toranaga told Yabushige:

"After all we’ve been through, I thought you, of all people, would see. Crimson Sky is already finished. With the Regents united I could never send an army to Osaka. It would have meant certain death. So I sent a woman (Mariko) to do what an army never could. Don’t you see what’s coming?"

Toranaga narrates the future battle that will happen in one month on the grounds of Sekigahara:

"In just one month, we will meet our enemies at Sekigahara. Five armies squaring off on the field of battle, and you’re right. With the Heir’s army on Ishido’s side, I’d be finished. However, because of Mariko’s actions, Lady Ochiba has grown tired of her alliance with Ishido. In a letter to me, she secretly pledged to keep the Heir’s army from the battlefield."

Toranaga reveals the fate of Ishido and his future plans:

"On that day, Ishido will have no banner. The Regents will turn on him before the sword is drawn. Only then will my dream be realized. I will start it in Edo, my center of power. A nation without wars. An era of great peace."
Toranaga and Ishido facing each other at Sekigahara a few months after, as Toranaga prophesizes (Image via FX)
Toranaga and Ishido facing each other at Sekigahara a few months after, as Toranaga prophesizes (Image via FX)

Amidst Toranaga’s other vassals, Yabushige was the only one to know about the future. However, as he was to commit seppuku for being one of the perpetrators behind Mariko’s death, he couldn’t live it, which he strongly wished.

Shōgun episode 11 won’t be having an eleventh episode, but if it were, it would probably focus on Toranaga’s preparations for the looming war, highlighting his strategies and diplomatic maneuvers. The episode would have also depicted Blackthorne’s efforts in rebuilding Erasmus and delved into how he coped with the loss of Mariko.

Overall, Shōgun episode 11 would have been another captivating chapter in the series, adding depth to the storyline and exploring more about the era. Nevertheless, the show, being a masterpiece, left an indelible mark with a deep appreciation for its historical perspective.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on upcoming shows and movies on FX as 2024 progresses.

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