How to measure the foot correctly for the right shoe size?

How to measure the foot correctly for the right shoe size?
How to measure the foot correctly for the right shoe size? (Image via Pexel)

When purchasing footwear from a retail store or online, it is important to know the right shoe size. Wearing shoes of an incorrect size can cause a plethora of issues including blisters and injuries and hence, it is essential to learn how to measure one's foot accurately. Measuring the foot is no rocket science and it can be done at home with some basic stationery including a paper, a pencil, and a ruler.

However, it is essential to note that no matter how well the measurement is done, certain factors can affect the fit of a shoe. Firm shoe material, the closure system, and the shape of the shoe can cause some issues with the fit. Hence, one's foot measurement can act as a guide to help individuals purchase the shoes that fit them best.

What is the process to measure the foot for the right shoe size?

Step 1. The Preparation

Before beginning the process, it is crucial to understand that the time at which one measures their foot plays a major role in achieving an accurate measurement. During the day, one's feet are involved in various activities that could possibly cause them to swell. Standing or sitting for too long can cause this swelling, thus impacting the size of one's foot. Hence, it is crucial to measure one's feet at night, as per Nike.

Step 2. Gather the stationery

One must ensure they have some paper, a pencil with a sharp point, a ruler, and a measuring tape to measure their feet for the right shoe size. It is also important to note that the foot must be measured on a hard floor to achieve an accurate measurement as a soft surface might lead to discrepancies.

Step 3. Stand on the paper

One must stand in the middle of the paper and ensure it is spacious so their feet can fit on it completely. However, individuals can choose to measure each foot on a different sheet of paper or use the same paper for both their feet if it is big enough.

Step 4. Draw the outline of the foot

The next step is to trace the outline of the feet. One can wear socks during this step if they plan on doing so with the shoes they wish to buy. However, tracing the outline while barefoot will provide an accurate measurement for the right shoe size.

Individuals can choose to ask another person to draw the outline to ensure accuracy. If one wishes to complete this step on their own, they must do so one leg at a time. Bending the knees a bit can also ease the process.

Step 5. Measure the outline

This is the final step and it involves measuring the distance between the tip of the big toe and the outer corner of the heel. It is also important to measure the width of the foot and this can be done by measuring the foot horizontally with a measuring tape. This will help individuals determine the right shoe size for them.

How to know if the measurement was taken incorrectly

One can easily identify if the measurement was not taken correctly. Here are some tips to understand the same better:

1) If the shoe feels tight, it might be a sign that the measurement was wrongly taken. One can then retrace the outline of their foot or measure the outline again to ensure they buy the right shoe size.

2) The heel might hurt due to friction caused by it constantly rubbing against the shoe.

3) The arch may feel like it is in the wrong place.

It is important to note that individuals may have different preferences when it comes to how they wish for their shoes to fit. Hence, the foot measurements can act as a guide to help one get their hands on the pairs that fit them best.

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