NB Numeric 480 shoes: Features explored

NB Numeric 480 shoes
NB Numeric 480 shoes (Image via New Balance)

NB Numeric 480 shoes have recently made waves in the skateboarding community. These shoes have sparked interest among enthusiasts and casual observers alike. These visually appealing sneakers have drawn comparisons to iconic styles and have received the nickname "New Balance Dunks."

These Numeric 480 shoes from New Balance have the aesthetics of their predecessors. Thanks to the larger platform sole and additional padding for comfort and durability, the design transforms a traditional basketball silhouette into something appropriate for the skate park.

These fashionable and functional shoes are offered by a variety of retailers and online marketplaces. Skateboarders of all skill levels—from novices to experts—and anyone else out to improve their game will find their classic design to be an excellent option. Official website pricing for these trainers is $101.84.

Features of NB Numeric 480 shoes every sneakerhead must know about

NB Numeric 480 shoes (Image via New Balance)
NB Numeric 480 shoes (Image via New Balance)

The NB Numeric 480 shoes are crafted specially for skateboarding. A robust midsole and a reinforced toe-box ensure the shoes withstand the wear and tear of skateboarding while providing stable footing and comfort. The use of buttery smooth leather also adds durability and gives the shoes a luxurious feel which makes them a stylish choice on and off the board.

Skate-Ready Design

With a design that prioritizes skateboarders' needs, the NB Numeric 480 shoes feature a thicker platform sole for better shock absorption and a fluffier tongue for added comfort during tricks and flips.

The brand website mentions

"Inspired by styles worn by skaters in the '80s and '90s, these shoes are built for life on and off the board."

Classic color blocking

The NB Numeric 480 shoes utilize classic color blocking to create a visually appealing look that resonates with the traditional skate style. This design pays homage to the skate culture and also offers versatility in style, easily pairing with various outfits.

Looking back at New Balance's history

New Balance has an extensive track record of producing fashionable and practical footwear. In the early 1980s, the Numeric 480 model was initially available as a skating shoe.

Since then, developments have significantly taken place, elevating it to the status of one of the brand's most sought-after trainers. Similar to New Balance's 990 and 1500, which have attained iconic status within the sneaker community, this sneaker has amassed a great deal of popularity.

NB Numeric 480 shoes (Image via New Balance)
NB Numeric 480 shoes (Image via New Balance)

About the brand history, New Balance mentions

"We stand for something bigger than sneakers. We champion those who are fearlessly driven by their passions. We elevate sport. We do right by people and the planet. Together, we drive meaningful change in communities around the world. We Got Now."

The Numeric 480 from New Balance is a great example of the brand's dedication to quality and style in the skateboarding market. For those in love with skateboarding or curious for a good-looking sneaker, the NB Numeric 480 shoes are worth checking out.

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