Controversial personality Xenathewitch vandalizes Kick streamers' cars after getting disqualified from Ice Poseidon's Scavenger Hunt event

Xenathewitch seen vandalizing streamers
Xenathewitch seen vandalizing streamers' cars (Image via X/Liutaurus_)

Controversial Kick streamer Amaris "Xenathewitch" has found herself trending once again after she livestreamed herself vandalizing other streamers' cars by spray painting over them. These streamers, for those unaware, are currently participating in the ongoing scavenger hunt contest by fellow Kick streamer Paul "Ice Poseidon."

Amaris, however, is disqualified. In response, the streamer took to her Kick channel to post an IRL stream titled Sabotaging CX scavenger hunt. She located the cars of the streamers (who were on course to complete challenges) and attempted to derail their journey by not just spraying the vehicles but pouring powder on them as well.

Watch the viral clip here:

Why was controversial Kick streamer Xenathewitch disqualified from Ice Poseidon's event?

Ice Poseidon is currently hosting a scavenger hunt competition featuring several Kick streamers. One of the participants was Kick streamer Xenathewitch, who was removed from the competition for allegedly breaking the rules.

She was disqualified after she refused to scan the RFID chip, which is a requirement of the competition. She argued that scanning the code wouldn't affect her position on the leaderboard. She said:

"I know I can be ratchet but I'm not f**king stupid. I already knew the leaderboard wouldn't change. Why would I have to get the URL when the cops were giving it to everyone for free?"

Reacting to her rant, Ice Poseidon (reacting to Amaris' stream) simply said:

"Yeah, what you are saying doesn't make any sense so I have to disqualify you. What you said, made no sense. You clearly didn't scan it, you already had the picture without scanning it. So how did you get the picture? Like obviously."

Who is currently winning Ice Poseidon's scavenger hunt competition?

Ice Poseidon is hosting one of Kick's largest events to date, a scavenger hunt involving nearly 50 streamers. Participants are required to complete 15 challenges, with the first to do so winning the event.

As of May 30, 2024, the number one spot in Ice Poseidon's scavenger hunt is held by a relatively smaller Kick streamer, Kanedaddy. The second and third positions are occupied by Lordhito and Dtanmanb, respectively. Here is the current leaderboard standing:

Current leaderboard standing of Ice Poseidon's scavenger hunt (Image via
Current leaderboard standing of Ice Poseidon's scavenger hunt (Image via

This isn't the first time Xenathewitch has found herself in the news during the scavenger hunt event. In a May 28 stream, she was seen falling from a stranger's car after being pulled off by the other content creators.

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