"Extremely disappointed" - Caedrel, Asmongold, and xQc react to Faker's "Signature Collection" costing almost $500 in League of Legends

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Content creators such have weighed in on the League of Legends skin for Faker. (Image via League of Legends/Riot Games || Asmongold, xQc/Twitch)

League of Legends created a Signature Collection to celebrate Faker, and the cost of the bundle has xQc, Asmongold, Caedrel, and so many more baffled. Costing nearly $500, it comes with an admittedly fancy Ahri skin, the pro League player’s other World Championship skins, and a 100-level battle pass, among other things. While some players are excited and don’t sound upset by the price, many more have voiced their displeasure.

Among the people who have voiced their criticism, in particular, is Marc Robert “Caedrel”, a retired professional League of Legends player, caster, and content creator for Fnatic. Using X, the content creator was vocal about how he felt about this new cosmetic bundle:

“Extremely disappointed that this whole concept that looked like a great way to celebrate players has now obviously turned into a massive cash grab.”

Caedrel, Asmongold, and xQc react to Faker’s “Signature Collection” skin in League of Legends

There are certainly people excited for the League of Legends skin honoring Faker, but far more people have been vocal about the cost of what they’re getting.

For those who do not know, Faker is arguably the greatest player to ever play LoL, though he is also famously known for not using skins except one time by accident. To honor him as the first inductee into the League of Legends Hall of Fame, Riot Games created the Faker “Signature Collection”.

It comes with an Ahri Skin, “Final Boss Faker” title, a Border, Banner, Splash Art, and a bunch of other cosmetic stuff. Among the people who have spoken out were Caedrel, a well-known streamer and caster of League of Legends. After calling it “extremely disappointing”, he also called the whole thing disgusting:

“500 dollars for a skin & 30% revenue split is absolutely disgusting. Doubt it’ll change.”

He’s not the only content creator who’s openly mocked this choice, either. Asmongold is never shy about critiquing game companies, whether it be Riot Games or Blizzard Entertainment. After learning about the skin in a recent stream, via Reddit, the co-founder of OTK read through quite a few takes on the controversial skin.

After watching the trailer, he took to X, to see what sort of damage control Riot Games was doing:

“They don’t say how much it is on the trailer. That’s probably a good idea. ‘I’m gonna buy the pass just for this broccoli with the Faker glasses.’ Oh this is smart. This is real smart. So what League of Legends, is they’re replying to tweets that are positive, that way nobody can see the popular tweets are negative, that are below this. This is smart.”

Asmongold read through more responses to the news, both positive and negative, before showing a Reddit post where the community is looking to auto-ban Ahri in every single match, so anyone who bought the skin can never use it, ever:

“Holy s**t man, people are f**kin’ pissed. The League of Legends players are talking about auto-banning this champion in every single game so that nobody can ever use the skin. And I’m gonna be honest: I’m impressed. That is based? That is based, it absolutely is.”

xQc’s most recent Twitch stream also covered this move by Riot Games. Felix “xQc” is known for spending massive amounts of money with little stress, such as his $150,000 spent on Steam, but even he was shocked at this reveal:

“Riot Games have announced Faker’s full Ahri Collection to celebrate his induction into the Hall of Fame. Cool man. The Signature Collection will cost nearly 60,000 RP or about $500. What?!”

After watching a meme about someone claiming they were going to flex the skin in ARAM games (All Random All Mid), he spoke up about the reveal. According to the Canadian streamer, he thought if it were 25-30 skins, it might be worth it:

“Chat, I think the only way this would be worth it is if it was for a bunch of Hall of Famers. Or like, MVP of Worlds, and it was like 25 skins, or some s**t like that, right? Or like 30 skins, and they all have their store to build that. Only one skin?!”

As Caedrel put it, it’s unlikely that this move by League of Legends developers Riot Games will change. Fans will just have to wait and see, but for now, if you want the premier Ahri skin, it’s going to cost roughly $500.

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