MrBeast invites participants to sign up for Prime Video's Beast Games with a prize pool of $5,000,000

MrBeast's Beast Games will have 5,000 participants (Image via MrBeast/Instagram)

YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has shared the link to sign up for his upcoming collaboration with Prime Video game show titled Beast Games. In a post on X, he invited people to participate in the show and also announced that he would be giving away $5,000,000 during the event. A few months ago, Jimmy had revealed that he was working with Prime Video studios to produce and make Beast Games.

In a recent post about sign-ups, he called it the "largest game show ever in history", writing that he needs about 5,000 participants:

"Im giving away $5,000,000 in the largest game show ever in history. If you want to compete in Beast Games (I need 5,000 people lol) apply here -"

MrBeast is preparing to host Beast Games with 5,000 participants

MrBeast is known for his viral videos on YouTube, and while his giveaways and philanthropic content have a lot of admirers, his game show challenges are his most viewed videos. For example, the most popular video on his channel is from a couple of years ago when he hosted a real-life Squid Game with a $456K prize pool. At the moment it has more than 600 million views.

It was no surprise that Amazon would pick him to host a game show program, and in March 2024, he announced that he would be making Beast Games. He had mentioned the staggering $5,000,000 prize pool in a post on X but had only stated that over a thousand people would be in it. Now, we know that the number of participants is 5,000.


MrBeast also claimed that the production would end up breaking numerous world records, and considering that the YouTuber is no stranger to breaking records, viewers are naturally excited to see what's in store. In a podcast released around the same time, Jimmy had gone on to make some very bold claims about his plans without revealing details.

The YouTube star had stated that Beast Games was going to be 20 times better than his normal videos:

"We have it written now is mind-blowing. The problem is if I say anything about a particular episode it could give a contestant that hears it a little bit of insight. It's like our normal videos but just 20 times better because obviously."

Now that MrBeast is asking for participants to sign up, it is clear that the show is near its filming date. According to, Beast Games is slated to premiere exclusively on Prime Video.

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