What is Beast Games? MrBeast pitches to make "biggest game show" if streaming service funds production

Understanding what Beast Games are (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)
Understanding what Beast Games are (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)

On August 20, 2023, YouTube star Jimmy "MrBeast" pitched an idea to create the "biggest game show" if a streaming service funded his project. The discussion began when Twitter user @zackpogrob claimed that the content creator's most recent video has the potential to become a "massive IRL event company." They compared it to Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, writing:

"Beast Games could be a massive IRL event company - and blow Spartan (Race), Tough Mudder, etc, completely out of the water."

In response, the Kansas native said:

"If any streaming service was willing to give me the budget I need, I could easily make their biggest gameshow."

Understanding what MrBeast's "Beast Games" are

On August 13, 2023, Jimmy announced on Twitter that an upcoming video was one of his "biggest" projects, with a scope twice that of his most-famous Squid Game video. A week later, he uploaded a video titled Every Country on Earth Fights for $250,000.

It featured an "extreme" version of Olympic sports, in which participants from "every country" competed against one another. Providing details for the competition, MrBeast said:

"Behind me is one person from every country on Earth. We're going to see which country is the best - because I flew all of them here to compete in the most extreme version of the Olympics ever created. We have track, archery, gymnastics, soccer, and fencing. But, only one country is going to walk away with this $250,000 gold medal."

Libya emerged victorious in the first-ever Beast Games, taking home a gold medal worth $250,000. Slovenia came in second, with Tajikistan placing third. Jimmy also revealed that each participant received a $2,000 prize:

"And, that's it for our first Olympics. Not only did they get these medals, but everyone who competed got $2,000."

At the time of writing, the 18-minute feature was ranked third on the trending page, having amassed over 41 million views in just 14 hours.

Netizens react to MrBeast's claim that he would create the "biggest game show" if a streaming service funded the project

The 25-year-old's tweet garnered quite a lot of attention, with livestreaming platform Rumble commenting:

Twitter user @thatdenverguyYT tagged Netflix, telling them to "do the right thing":

Meanwhile, another user critiqued MrBeast's video, claiming that there was a lack of "quality control" in the selection of contestants to ensure fairness for all:

Here are some more pertinent reactions:

MrBeast is easily one of the most recognizable figures in the content creation industry, having launched his YouTube channel in 2012. He stunned the internet last week when he collaborated with Felix "PewDiePie" in an IRL video.

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