MrBeast launches analytics website ViewStats to help content creators monitor YouTube data

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MrBeast's ViewStats Pro website is live (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for TikTok)

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has announced the release of ViewStats, an analytical website with data that can help YouTubers track their growth on the platform. Donaldson is widely regarded as the king of viral content, with most of his videos garnering millions upon millions of views.

As an entrepreneur, MrBeast has been quite candid about how he uses data to optimize his YouTube videos and thumbnails to maximize viewership. Now content creators can use his website to help understand how to optimize their channels. The website was out in beta for a few months, and Jimmy took to X on May 28 to announce its full release, claiming how he wants to help YouTubers regardless of their size with the knowledge:

"I created a website Viewstats where you can see views, subs, and any advanced data you’d want for any YouTube channel or video! I believe knowledge is power and I want to help creators of all sizes improve their YouTube performance!"

ViewStats uses the usual Freemium model, with basic channel statistics such as daily viewership gains and charts related to subscriptions. There is a higher tier that is paid and has more features geared towards creators.

MrBeast's ViewStats analytics website provides A/B Tests, Outlier Video Searches, and numerous thumbnail management options to help YouTubers

While analytics websites such as SocialBlade and others already provide most of the basic channel statistics, MrBeast mentioned in a reply to his post on X the various other features that ViewStats provides. Replying to a comment comparing his website to SocialBlade, Donaldson claimed his platform has more detailed analytics for individual videos and features:

"Naw, we have per video data like 1 out of 10, daily views per video, accurate top charts, A/B thumbnail tracking, etc etc"

According to the website, unlocking premium features costs $49.99 per month, and an annual subscription will cost 20% less at $39.99 per month. Here are the features users can expect if they pay for MrBeast's ViewStats Pro subscription:

  • Outlier video searches: To help catch viral trends
  • A/B tests for any video on YouTube
  • Thumbnail search
  • Advanced Video search alerts
  • Collections tool to store video ideas

As per the website, even more features will be added down the line, and a Google Chrome extension is already live that can help users find video-specific statistics without the need to visit the website.

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