Pokimane opens up about inappropriate conduct by former editor 

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Imane “Pokimane” might be one of the most popular streamers out there, but that doesn't make her immune to undesirable behavior. The streamer recently opened up about the inappropriate conduct of one of her former editors, leaving many fans shocked.

In her live stream from June 1, 2024, Pokimane spoke up about a conversation she had with one of her ex-editors. The editor allegedly reached out to her to discuss why he had been struggling with deadlines lately. Initially, Pokimane hoped to work out something to help the editor. However, he revealed the real reason behind the delay was that he “couldn’t stop touching himself.”

The steamer was understandably shocked and didn't know how to react. She then said it was even more disturbing because she had sent him hours and hours of footage, only for him to confess to something this unprofessional.

In Pokimane’s words, the editor initiated the conversation by saying:

“I am ready to finally tell you why I have been struggling so much with deadlines. And then I say, great, hopefully this is something we can fix. Tell me why he proceeded to tell me that the reason why he sometimes turned around videos a week or two late was because he couldn’t stop… touching himself — I was trying to decide which word to use — to me, his employer of many many months.“

Pokimane reportedly continued to pay the editor for months, while keeping this incident a secret

However, the streamer went on to say that while she was deeply disturbed by the situation, she could see it as a form of addiction. Pokimane said that she continued to pay him for months after the confession so that she wouldn't be the reason he had no money.

Pokimane also revealed she didn't tell anyone about the incident for years. It was only when she revealed this conversation to her now manager, several years later, that it finally sunk in how unprofessional and inappropriate the whole situation was.

At around the 1:35:33 mark, Pokimane continued the topic by saying:

“Yes, it’s a little kookie beans. But there is no guide book of what to do in a situation like this. What the hell do I do?”

When one of the viewers suggested firing him, she questioned whether she was even allowed to fine someone for “j***ing off too much.”

While it seems Imane has healed enough from the situation to relay it to her viewers with a touch of humor, the situation does lay bare the inappropriate behavior women face in the streaming industry.

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Edited by Angad Sharma
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