What is Offbrand Games? Streamers Ludwig and Pirate Software team up to launch a new game publishing company

OFfbrand Games
Offbrand Games is an upcoming game development venture between Ludwig and Pirate Software (Image via PirateSoftware/Twitter || Offbrand Games/Twitter)

Offbrand Games is the brainchild of two major content creators: Ludwig Ahgren, and Thor “Pirate Software.” The two content creators announced the venture in their own ways: one via a YouTube video and the other on X.com. What was once a company solely devoted to running in-person events has evolved, and a new vertical has begun at the company, which is also now a co-op.

This new vertical, known as Offbrand Games, plans to help developers get great video games out there. Ludwig decided that there was nobody else he could turn to other than Pirate Software, to whom he sold shares of the company “for dollars,” according to the YouTuber. They also announced their first game as a part of the reveal: Rivals 2.

Offbrand Games founded by Ludwig and Pirate Software to make great games


Offbrand Games was born in a video titled I Sold My Company on Ludwig’s Mogul Mail, he revealed that he did in fact, sort of sell his company. As a part of the video, the YouTuber revealed the company, which was a part of several major events, including Fast 50, was sold back to the people who do the day-to-day work. That way, everyone gets an equal say in all decisions made.

According to the Youtuber, he wanted to do more than simply have a nest egg for when he retires. He wanted to do something great, so he announced a new vertical for the company: Offbrand Games.

It’s not new or exciting to hear a YouTuber started a video game company, and Ludwig compared it to actors who make Gin, or Vodka brands. However, the YouTuber said his venture is different:

“That would only make sense, if I were doing this alone. And I’m not doing it alone. We have a new employee over at Offbrand, the Director of Strategy at Offbrand Games, the game publishing wing. And you might have seen this guy on your YouTube feed before, it’s Pirate Software, AKA Thor.”

He described Thor as “THE guy” for game development on YouTube and took several moments to sing his praises. He would go on to tell people what they already knew: Thor was a hacker, is a game developer, and is going to work alongside him at Offbrand Games:

“Basically, everytime we drop a game, not only will you have that A-24 feeling, where, okay, this game’s good, Thor thought it was good, and also Ludwig plays it, so I guess that means something, but you know the developers were treated right.”

He chose not to take shots at companies that have done their game developers wrong in recent months, such as the Xbox shutting down the studios behind Redfall and Hi-Fi Rush.

Pirate Software took to Twitter to discuss it as well. He made sure his fans knew that nothing about his announcement would change him creating content on Pirate Software, or any games he’s working on. He’s fine with working 19 hours a day. He unveiled his new role at Offbrand Games, and he’s going to make sure that the relationship between publisher and developer is mutually beneficial.

What it also meant was that the company is going to sponsor Pirate Software’s next Game Jam. The winner will get feedback on their game from a publishing perspective. No strings are attached, and it should give them some insight into how things work from the publishing perspective. He too understands publisher overreach and wants to do something about it.

Perhaps the best thing about this is via Ludwig’s video, the company will publish Rivals 2, the sequel to the popular platform fighter Rivals of Aether. They also gave a rough release date: Q4 2024.

Offbrand Games is the combined effort of two people who are very passionate about video games, and making sure they’re of the highest quality, fans will hopefully be able to soon see the fruits of their labor.

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Edited by Angad Sharma
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