"You can add scripts to those": Nadeshot raises concern over FaZe Banks cheating in their Call of Duty 1v1 showdown

Nadeshot talks about FaZe Banks 1v1 (Image via Nadeshot, FaZe Banks/Instagram)
Nadeshot talks about FaZe Banks 1v1 (Image via Nadeshot, FaZe Banks/Instagram)

100 Thieves owner Matthew Haag, aka Nadeshot, has raised concerns about Richard Bengston, better known as FaZe Banks, in their upcoming 1v1 showdown in Call of Duty. The two content creators will go head-to-head in a sniper battle on May 30, 2024, after the FaZe Clan CEO accepted Nadeshot's challenge a few weeks ago.

While the Call of Duty community is looking forward to the matchup, Nadeshot recently talked about how the competition is slated to allow all types of controllers, including modded ones such as the Cronus.

Insinuating that his opponent might employ one of them to gain an advantage, the 100 Thieves CEO stated that if the participants use a Cronus, he will require FaZe Banks to reset his controller. He said in his latest livestream:

"They said they have adapters that allow us to use any controller we want, which, I think I pull up there and it will be a Cronus. If we have Cronuses tomorrow plugged into and that's what they are doing? I literally want them to hard reset Banks's Cronus in front of me, brother. I am not kidding. I want the Cronus reset, factory reset, in front of me."

When some viewers pushed back against this line of thought, Nadeshot further claimed that a Cronus controller allows scripts that can significantly alter gameplay, giving the user an unfair advantage:

"It's normal, it's what they are for? No, I know I get that, I know that. I am just saying, you can add scripts to those f*cking things."

For context, the Cronus Zen controller is actively blocked on the PlayStation 5 as it is designated as a cheating device.

Nadeshot claims he should comfortably win against FaZe Banks in Call of Duty 1v1 and brags about defeating Scump in XDefiant

FaZe Banks and Nadeshot's 1v1 in Call of Duty is highly anticipated by the community. Both have been in the streaming and content creation space for over a decade. The two are currently the heads of some of the biggest esports organizations in North America, namely 100 Thieves and FaZe Clan.


While both have a lot of experience under their belt, Nadeshot seems to think that he has the upper hand in his upcoming 1v1 against FaZe Banks because of his recent form.

After insinuating that there might be cheating in the competition, the 100 Thieves CEO bragged about how he defeated Scump in an XDefiant kill race:

"I literally beat this f*cking guy Scump in f*cking Xdefiant yesterday. Was it a fluke? I am sure, yes. But if I can do that on a brand new shooter, there is no reason why there should be a game that is 14 years, 15 years old and I don't win, bro."

While his proficiency at XDefiant is commendable, fans will have to wait and watch the 1v1 on May 30, 2024, to know who comes out on top in Call of Duty.

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