"Your parents f**ked up somewhere" - Sam Frank responds to those claiming her relationship with N3on is "fake"

N3on and Sam Frank's relationship has been called into question before, and the social media influencer fired back on Kick (Image via N3ononYT/X)

Rangesh “N3on” and Sam Frank’s relationship has been questioned before, and in a recent Kick stream, Sam called out people who say it’s “fake”. This came from a clip where Rangesh said he doesn’t understand why people call their relationship fake. Sam did not hold back when it came to how she felt, saying the two of them loved each other very much.

In her June 12, 2024 stream, the social media influencer showed a clip of her and controversial Kick streamer, N3on sharing a moment and chatting. She then paused the clip to address those who claimed their relationship was fake:

“Your parents f**ked up somewhere.”

Sam Frank calls out people who claim her relationship with N3on is “fake”

While watching a clip of them together, Sam Frank addressed her relationship with N3on. The Kick streamer was confused as to why people call their relationship fake:

“How could we do every single f**kin’ thing that we have done and it’s still fake? Like, this is what I would love to know, and how, people think like, ‘B**ch, just get a free trip to Dubai for that s**t?”

You can see the clip here, which begins at 5:24:51.

The trip Sam Frank referenced was earlier this year when the two of them spent time in Dubai, where the streamer also spent some time in jail. Despite what people say, she stressed that the two are in a committed relationship:

“Free trip and s**t like that? People don’t just take care of you for fun. We’re in a loving relationship. So he like, literally takes care of me and I take care of him, it’s vice-versa, like, it’s a loving relationship.”

N3on’s girlfriend then turned her attention to the various people on the internet who make fun of them, or claim that they are only a couple for clout or other reasons. According to her, the parents of these people messed up somewhere:

“If people don’t understand that, then your parents f**ked up somewhere. Genuinely, like your parents f**ked up somewhere, thinking you wake up next to someone every day, you spend time together. You don’t just spend so much time together when you don’t love someone, that’s the point I’m trying to make.”

According to Sam Frank, the couple spend nearly every waking moment together. She did highlight that they went on a trip to Japan very early in their relationship, but are now in a loving, committed relationship:

“You get to know someone, especially when you travel with them. If you don’t know them, especially, I dunno, it was crazy. In the beginning of the relationship, we did go to Japan, which is a crazy trip, but fast-forward six months later, I’m about to turn 21 years old, and we spend every second together, non-stop, and we’ve had such a great relationship before that.”

Sam Frank and N3on both stream to Kick regularly, and can be seen in each other’s content. Most recently, the couple were kicked out of Disneyland and banned from Disneyland and Disneyworld for allegedly recording in the bathrooms.

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Edited by Ashmita Bhatt
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