A'ja Wilson expresses dismay after finding out Las Vegas Aces are under cap manipulation investigation: "What happened to growing the game?"

Los Angeles Sparks v Las Vegas Aces
A'ja Wilson expresses dismay after finding out Las Vegas Aces are under cap manipulation investigation: "What happened to growing the game?"

Two-time WNBA champion A’Ja Wilson was less than impressed that the WNBA launched an investigation into the Las Vegas Aces' recently announced player sponsorships. The news came as a blow to the team's initial excitement.

The Las Vegas Aces got a major financial boost for their players, with each receiving a $100,000 sponsorship from the LVCVA, also known as the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. However, the celebratory mood was short-lived, as less than 24 hours after the announcement, the WNBA initiated an investigation into the deals.

Focused on the Aces-Sparks matchup, A’ja Wilson wasn't aware of the investigation until after the game. Needless to say, the 27-yer-old’s stance becomes even more apparent.

"The text of her tweet succinctly captures her emotion with a straightforward, “finding out ya team is under investigation right after a game is OD 😩Like huhhhhhh 😂😂 what happened to growing the game.”

Another Aces player, Chelsea Gray, joined the discussion and expressed her astonishment by tweeting:

“Under investigation is crazyyyyy.”

Another teammate, Alysha Clark, fired back with a pointed question,

“Can we investigate Cathy in her decisions on who is allowed to charter and who isn’t?”

Remarkably, this is not the first time the Aces have faced the wrath from the WNBA.

The Las Vegas outfit has been under fire last year for making under-the-table payments to players. Howard Megdal of The Next reported in 2023 that the Aces allegedly used a deceptive tactic.

They would tell a potential player's agent to expect a call with a monetary offer from a specific, pre-chosen company, implying minimal work required.

Why is Aces’ under investigation? Know the entire details

While many have criticized the WNBA for launching investigation towards the Aces, as they see it as long-overdue recognition for the team's two championships, the league thinks sponsorships might violate the spirit of salary cap rules, potentially giving the Aces an unfair recruiting advantage.

Interestingly as per The Las Vegas Review-Journal, the team wasn't directly involved, as the LVCVA contacted players' agents. That sets the stage for potential conflict between the franchise and the WNBA.

The LVCVA, though, seems determined to improve player compensation. Steve Hill, their CEO, emphasizes that the decision came from the city, not the players. Whether the players receive the money remains to be seen, but the league's response will be interesting.

The LVCVA isn't new to sponsorships. With over 100 endorsements,, the LVCVA actively supports social media personalities, sports legends, leagues and various events. Recently, they allocated funds for several sporting events, including $1.2 million for the upcoming NBA Summer Leagues and a hefty $5 million for Wrestlemania 41.

This sponsorship for the Aces players comes from the same pot of money. The LVCVA generates revenue from room taxes on hotels and motels, as well as booth rentals at conventions held within the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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