"Caitlin Clark tune out the idiots": Ex-ESPN host stands up for Indiana Fever rookie, launches fiery attack on naysayers

Ex-ESPN host Sage Steele slammed Caitlin Clark
Ex-ESPN host Sage Steele slammed Caitlin Clark's naysayers

Caitlin Clark perhaps expected everything when she entered the WNBA in the 2024 draft. From fame and responsibility to ‘welcome to the WNBA’ by her fellow veteran players, she was ready for everything. However, what Clark didn’t expect was the backlash against her fame due to her race and sexuality.

Former ESPN host Sage Steele wasn’t happy with the negative noise surrounding Clark outside the basketball court. Alluding to WNBA veterans giving the Indiana Fever rookie a tough time on the court, Steele said that veteran players getting on the rookies is prevalent in every sport and as it should be.

However, Steele said that she wasn’t happy about the fact that people outside the court were demeaning her popularity by adding gender and race factors to it. The former ESPN host said that taking away Caitlin Clark’s credibility by mixing her popularity with her being white and not a lesbian was “pathetic.”

In her X (formerly Twitter) post, Steele posted the video in support of Clark and also sent a shoutout to the Fever rookie.

“Caitlin Clark … Tune out the idiots. These expert race baiters are pathetic … and now, they’re so desperate they’re actually hating on her because she’s NOT a lesbian?!”
“Please stop. Please just celebrate the fact that Caitlin is helping EVERYONE in the WNBA. Go, girl,” Steele added.

Steele also added that Caitlin Clark's impact has changed the face of women’s basketball at the college and WNBA levels and hating on her should stop.

Moreover, Steele also called out individuals who have been bringing race and sexuality into Clark’s equation but have been silent about “biological men” taking part in women’s sports.

Steele called out Sunny Hostin and Jemele Hill for bringing the race factor into the equation.

What did Sunny Hostin say about Caitlin Clark?

Recently, Sunny Hostin made a statement on her show “The View” that became a massive discussion in and around the WNBA. On her show, Hostin said that Caitlin Clark was gaining popularity because of her “white” and “pretty” privilege.

"I do think that there is a thing called pretty privilege; there is a thing called White privilege; there is a thing called tall privilege, and we have to acknowledge that," said Hostin.

The TV host also said that Clark experienced a massive rise in her popularity because she was attractive and straight.

"I do think she is more relatable to more people because she's white, because she's attractive, and unfortunately, there still is that stigma against the LGBTQ+ community,” Hostin added.

One of the people who pushed back on Hostin’s race narrative was Whoopi Goldberg, who was also present at the show. Goldberg said that Caitlin Clark is popular in basketball because she brings excitement to the game.

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