"You don't keep something like that in somebody's ear": Stephen A. Smith hits out at Kelsey Plum's ex-husband Darren Waller's track

Darren Waller
Darren Waller's music video on Kelsey Plum has drawn the ire of Stephen A Smith (Images credit: Instagram)

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith did not hold back when he reviewed Darren Waller's controversial music video, "Who Knew (Her Perspective)," aimed at his ex-wife, WNBA star Kelsey Plum.

In the oddly produced music video, the New York Giants Tight End sings in a heavily autotuned baritone about being stabbed in the back by a brunette who bears a striking resemblance to his ex-wife.

Smith's reaction to the song was visceral and spontaneous, and he could not bear to listen to it for very long. He let out a guttural scream, imploring his producers to turn it off.

''Can y'all please get that out of my ear?.....Yes I'm screaming at my producers - did you hear how that man sounds? You don't keep something like that in somebody's ear...That was really, really,really bad," Smith said reacting to the music video.

He even speculated that Waller's subpar musical skills may have contributed to his breakup with Kelsey Plum.

"Let me not make fun," Smith said. "I'm only making fun of his voice - not his situation....Somebody has to say it so I'm going to say it: ladies and gentleman, that s*** was so bad, that might be why she left."

Darren Waller admits intimacy troubles after splitting with Kelsey Plum

Waller and Plum have dealt with their much-publicized, acrimonious split in very different ways. While Plum revealed she was "devastated" and left emotionally drained by her divorce, Waller has made his unsavory feelings known through his music video.

She had also mentioned that she would share her perspective "one day" but Waller took it upon himself to share what she may have felt like, putting himself in her shoes.

"I've struggled with intimacy in romantic relationships my whole life, and I recognize the toll it has taken on the lovers I've been close to," Waller told TMZ Sports. "Essentially, I'm telling myself, from the damage I've done, that it's imperative for me to heal the wounds in my life I've been avoiding by seeking relationships."

The duo filed a joint petition for divorce in Clark County Court in April, signaling a permanent end to their whirlwind romance after a year. Kelsey Plum is yet to respond to the music video.

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