After a lot of deliberation, we had accepted and told him to follow the clauses of player buyout: Team Mahi management on Excali's move to Samurai Esports’ Valorant Roster

Team Mahi (Image by Team Mahi)
Team Mahi (Image by Team Mahi)
Suryadeepto Sengupta

Recently, the Indian Valorant Community was left baffled by the announcement of Karan "Excali" Mhaswadkar joining Samurai Esports.

Karan "Excali" Mhaswadkar has been an active player of the Team Mahi’s Valorant roster since its foundation as Velocity Esports back in July 2020. The sudden announcement came as a shock not only to the long-time fans but apparently to the Team Mahi organization as well.

In a recent Instagram story by Simar "psy" Sethi, a close friend of Excali and active player of Samurai Esports, it seems that Excali has already joined his fellow Samurai Esports squadmates.

Sportskeeda reached out to Team Mahi Management regarding the issue.

Team Mahi Management speaks out about the Excali situation and the future of the Valorant roster

Excali’s decision to join Samurai Esports came as a shock to Team Mahi's management, as he was still under contract. When approached by Sportskeeda Esports about the matter, Team Mahi management said the following:

Can you provide us with a statement that offers further insight into everything that happened?

Team Mahi Management: Excali was approached multiple times by Samurai Esports asking him to join them. Yesterday afternoon, Excali decided to leave and move to Samurai Esports. After a lot of deliberation, we had accepted and told him to follow the clauses of player buyout and he can leave. Overnight, the articles regarding his signing appeared online, which comes as a shock to us.

Did Excali inform the Team Mahi organization before joining Samurai Esports?

Team Mahi Management: Yes he did inform us that he wanted to join Samurai Esports' Valorant team

Are Excali and the Team Mahi management in discussion since the announcement?

Team Mahi Management: Excali was contacted regarding the posts that appeared last night and he did not answer nor revert back.

Will Team Mahi's legal team be pursuing legal action against Excali for breaking his contract?

Team Mahi Management: Breach of contract is something we take very seriously and is totally unacceptable, we are already in talks with our legal team to send him a notice in this matter.

If the transfer does end up happening, what does it mean for Team Mahi's Valorant roster?

Team Mahi Management: If the transfer happens legally, we are happy to let him go now that he wants to perform in a different team. Excali was a key player for us, but Valorant is a team game, and losing a single player won’t affect us. The remaining Valorant roster will continue to play for the team and represent us in the upcoming tournaments.

The situation regarding Excali joining Samurai Esports is yet to be resolved. Hopefully, all the involved parties will be able to come to a mutual understanding soon.

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