All details about every Valorant map in Episode 2

The upcoming Breeze map in Valorant (Image via Riot)
The upcoming Breeze map in Valorant (Image via Riot)
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With Breeze on the way, Valorant will have six different maps from Episode 2 Act 3.

Since its release last June, Valorant has grown to a whole new level in a short period. The increasing popularity of this game has inspired Riot Games to make frequent changes to the game.

Valorant only had four maps in the beginning — Ascent, Bind, Split, and Haven. In Episode 1 Act 3, the devs added Icebox to their map pool, and Breeze will be the latest addition to that list after the new update. Riot has already revealed the trailer and other details of the new map.


Details of all the maps in Valorant

Every map of the game is based on a unique idea. It shows how much effort the developers are putting in to make this game exciting for all.


Ascent was one of the first maps in the developers' plan while developing the game. It is set in Italy and features a large, open middle area where both teams can skirmish.

The developers had revealed:

"Since Ascent was the foundational experience for Valorant, the goal of this map was to create a traditional three-lane tactical experience that also allowed players to alter connections through the use of a mechanical door. It was designed to be a baseline experience for future maps to grow from."

Ascent has two different sites to plant the bomb, along with a central courtyard. Last-minute rotations and close-combat fights are the specialties of this map.

Valorant's Ascent map (Image via Riot)
Valorant's Ascent map (Image via Riot)


The desert island is a map from the coast of Rabat, Morocco, and is one of the biggest maps of Valorant. Based on one of Cypher's quotes, it can be assumed that the city is a result of an old curse.

The quote suggests:

"'What has kingdom done to this town? However pretty their lies are, they're just sucking my city dry!"

Bind also has two different sites to plant the bomb, along with two teleporters for quick rotations. Players need to be ready for both long and close-range fights on this map.

Valorant's Bind map (Image via Riot)
Valorant's Bind map (Image via Riot)


Haven is a three-site map, which is also its unique feature as most maps in FPS games have just two bomb planting sites. The arena is located in Thimphu, Bhutan.

The description of the map states:

"Beneath a forgotten monastery, a clamor emerges from rival agents clashing to control three sites. There's more territory to control, but defenders can use the extra real estate for aggressive pushes."

Haven is much more of an attack-favored map as it is challenging to hold three sites at a time. Last-minute rotations and surprising choke-points are the specialties of this arena.

Valorant's Haven map (Image via Riot)
Valorant's Haven map (Image via Riot)


This map is based on Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. The description of the map states:

"If you want to go far, you'll have to go up. A pair of sites split by an elevated center allows for rapid movement using two rope ascenders. Each site is built with a looming tower vital for control. Remember to watch above before it all blows sky-high."

Split also has two spike-planting sites with a mid vent room. It is more of a defender-favored map as there are multiple angles to hold while defending a place.

It becomes a challenge for the attackers to clear all possible angles while taking control of the site. In the 2.01 patch, the developers made some changes to the map.

Valorant's Split map (Image via Riot)
Valorant's Split map (Image via Riot)


Icebox was the latest map added to Valorant in Episode 1 Act 3. The snowy map of the game is located off the coast of Bennett Island, Sakha, Russia.

Icebox is made for close combat fights with multiple choke points and horizontal and vertical ziplines, connecting bridges, tunnels, and more. It is also a defender-favored map as it is not easy to take care of all the angles of the map while taking control of a site.

Valorant's Icebox map (Image via Riot)
Valorant's Icebox map (Image via Riot)


Players are now eagerly waiting for the sixth map of the game, Breeze. Yesterday, some content creators got early access to this arena. They revealed its details, including new Battlepass skins, items, and other details of the latest update, increasing the hype among the gamers.


As per the Valorant developers, Breeze is located somewhere within the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle. The remote tropical island with luscious forests and sandy beaches offers scenic beauty.

With two-way doors, a one-way mid-chute, and multiple entrance paths on any site, players can expect some thrilling encounters on this map.

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