All passive abilities in Valorant ranked

Passive abilities can be helpful in Valorant (Image via Riot)
Passive abilities can be helpful in Valorant (Image via Riot)

Every Valorant Agent has their own set of unique skills. From being able to flash while taking blind corners to dropping smoke bombs, they can use their powers to turn the tides of matches in their favor.

While most abilities are active, specific Agents possess passive abilities. For the uninitiated, such skills are the ones that don’t need to be activated. Upon meeting certain conditions, they activate on their own, either healing people or fueling other abilities that the Agent may possess.

Not all Agents in Valorant possess these passive abilities. For now, there are only six Agents with unique passive abilities. Some can be used to gain the upper hand in matches, while others can be used to activate other skills.

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Ranking all Agent-specific passive abilities in Valorant

7) Energy


This passive is linked to Neon in Valorant. To use her signature ability, “High Gear,” this Agent needs energy. The amount of energy she has can be figured out from the blue bar that sits right above her ability panel in the game.

At any given point, Neon can have a maximum of 100 energy. When she activates “High Gear,” this energy is consumed at 10 points per second. That means the total amount of time her ability can be active is for ten whole seconds.

However, when using her ultimate, “Overdrive,” this energy bar reduces 5 points every second, letting Neon blast her ultimate for a whopping 20 seconds.

While a lot can change in those seconds, Neon doesn’t gain energy at that rate. However, every time she bags a kill, her energy bar replenishes completely.

6) Fuel


The Fuel passive is linked to Viper in the game. This Agent fancies toxins and poisons greatly, so it’s no surprise that her abilities would revolve around the same. When it comes to Viper, almost all her powers except “Snakebite” require Fuel.

Her “Toxic Screen” signature ability and her “Poison Cloud” grenade cost around one Fuel every 0.15 seconds, giving her ability a total uptime of roughly 15 seconds for each of the abilities individually. However, she has the option of activating both together, but then again, that would cause her abilities to die down in 10 seconds.

The moment Viper is out of Fuel, her abilities shut down automatically. She recovers five Fuel every second at any given time, allowing her to deploy her powers again after 20 seconds.

5) Drift


Jett, the Korean high flier, comes with this passive ability in Valorant. Drift allows her to slow down her descent.

Whenever players jump from a height while playing as Jett, they can press and hold the jump button. Doing so will make her glide through the air.

Unlike the previous Agents, Jett’s passive isn’t fueled by any form of energy. It’s just there, and it works until she hits the ground.

This ability can be beneficial in the right hands. First, since this passive allows Jett to glide, she doesn’t necessarily need to take fall damage. She can quite literally jump off a high place and then glide to her descent.

Secondly, thanks to her passive ability, Jett can now cover longer distances while gliding, extending her jump range. This can come in handy while evading different skills that spread on the ground and damage enemies who step into them.

Finally, it’s hard to hit something or someone continuously gliding. Landing a headshot or a body shot on someone who is constantly jumping is difficult.

But landing a hit on someone who’s maneuvering themselves mid-air is even more difficult in Valorant.

4) Heating Up


This passive ability belongs to Valorant’s own firebug, Phoenix. This British hotshot loves playing with fire, so much so that his powers revolve around setting things ablaze.

His signature ability, “Hot Hands,” lets Phoenix throw a fireball on the ground that damages anyone who steps into the small area on the ground that is set on fire.

He has another ability known as “Blaze,” allowing him to create a fire wall. While both these abilities damage enemies, it does quite the reverse for Phoenix.

Whenever he stands in contact with his abilities, he receives the Heating Up buff. With this buff active, Phoenix can heal himself up to 50HP.

While Hot Hands heals him up faster, Blaze does so at a slower rate. However, it offers him some amount of cover as well. Both can be very useful in sticky situations.

3) Soul Harvest


Reyna can be scary at times. She’s one of the few Agents with a passive ability, which is probably one of the most unique in-game. If an enemy dies within three seconds of taking damage from Reyna, they drop a soul orb.

Now, Reyna can consume this soul orb to heal herself with Devour or turn ethereal with Dismiss. While the latter is active, she can move faster, but she cannot fire any weapon.

This allows her to kill enemies and heal up immediately or reposition herself with the press of a button in Valorant.

As a Duelist, being able to heal or reposition herself in the blink of an eye comes in handy. If used properly, the Soul Harvest passive can help turn the tides of a match in Valorant.

2) Terror Trail


The only Agent that can strike fear in the hearts of others is Fade. She uses fear as a weapon to incapacitate her enemies.

The Terror Trail passive ability is only activated if an enemy is marked either by her signature ability “Haunt” or her ultimate ability, “Nightfall.”

Whenever either of the two abilities hits an enemy, they get marked, and a trail forms at their feet. This trail keeps forming for 12 seconds and tracks the affected Agent no matter where they go.

Once a trail is formed, Fade can deploy her prowlers on these trails. These prowlers then track down the enemy and blind them.

Although the prowlers can be used independently, they work better in tandem with her signature ability or her ultimate ability in Valorant.

1) Toxin


This passive ability belongs to the Queen of Poisons in Valorant. While Viper already has a passive ability in the form of Fuel, the Toxin passive is nothing but a debuff that she can apply to others.

Since all her abilities revolve around poisons, whenever an enemy steps into her traps, they immediately get hit with the Toxin debuff. Whenever this debuff is active, the affected Agents’ health starts decaying. At prolonged contact, they lose 10 HP per second.

Their health stays stuck at that point even after leaving the poisonous areas for about 1.5 seconds before they start regaining their health. Agents receive about 25 HP per second once the debuff is removed. However, if they take any bullet damage when their health decays, they won’t recover the amount of health they lost because of the bullet damage in Valorant.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author’s opinion.

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