All player cards introduced with Valorant patch 5.03: Reaver 2.0, Champions 2022 Hero, and more

Valorant's patch 5.03 is expected to introduce three new eye-catching player cards (Image via Valorant Leaks)
Valorant's patch 5.03 is expected to introduce three new eye-catching player cards (Image via Valorant Leaks)

Riot Games just announced the details for the upcoming patch 5.03 in Valorant. Apart from some disheartening nerfs to Chamber, the patch is also bringing in the much-anticipated Reaver 2.0 bundle and other interesting cosmetics. Based on leaks, players may also receive three eye-catching player cards to renovate their profile.

Valorant's newest patch will be released on August 9, 2022. According to official announcements, Riot Games will pull the game's servers off the grid for scheduled maintenance. The patch is very influential, bringing in a lot of changes, and requires some additional internal effort.

The announcement has also led to several leaks about the upcoming Reaver 2.0 bundle, alongside new sprays and player cards. As of now, three player cards have been confirmed, one of which represents the Reaver 2.0 bundle.

Valorant patch 5.03 to include three new player cards

According to leaks, Valorant's patch 5.03 will introduce three new and interesting player cards to the game. The leaks further showcased what the player's cards will look like. The first one is the Reaver 2.0 player card, expected to be available as a free item with the premium bundle, as revealed by ValorLeaks.

The character on the player card looks a lot like Omen, one of the game's Controller Agents. Reaver 2.0, like the original, will complement all Omen Mains. The bundle is expected to be available after patch 5.03 drops.

The second player card is named Champions 2022 Hero. The leaker, Shiick, hinted at the picture being a scene from the upcoming Champions 2022 soundtrack. Thus, players should expect the release of the soundtrack and video soon.

Additionnal info about this. It looks like a music video is tied to it. Expect the Champions 2022 music video some time soon.…

Shiick also posted a file named 'MusicVideoChampions2022' that was found among the in-game files. This apparently confirms that a music video for Champions 2022 is in the works.

"How do you know?"

The third player card will reportedly represent two mighty Agents, Brimstone and Breach, in a comic avatar. The player card will be named War Dawgs.

War dawgs playercard:

This player card is expected to be available for free, similar to the Alpha Threat player card, as part of a free Battle Pass.

@Shiick Isit free? Like the alpha threat?

Riot Games has announced the downtime of the upcoming patch. The servers will not be available for four hours after they go down at 6 AM PDT. The patch will be deployed on August 9, 2022, at 10 A.M. PDT, following which all the new content will be reflected in the game.

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