Brimstone: A Valorant agent guide

Brimstone is unique in his own way (Image via Riot Games)
Brimstone is unique in his own way (Image via Riot Games)
Subhradeep "Bucketbaba" Mukherjee

Since its inception, Valorant has seen a lot of success as a competitive FPS esports title.

But this wouldn’t have been possible sans the analytics behind the formation of various roles among the game’s agents. Valorant has different roles for its playable characters called agents, and they all come with their unique sets of skills.

The agents in valorant are categorized according to their usefulness and class. The four classes are:

  • Duelist
  • Controller
  • Initiator
  • Sentinel

Among all the agents, Brimstone is one of the toughest to master. This agent has a skill-ceiling that cannot be scaled easily. A player well-acquainted with this agent can wreak havoc across the map.

Brimstone, being a controller, can block off a whole area of the map from the opposition team. And for that particular reason, gamers have asked several times how to play Brimstone to his fullest to give teammates an edge.

Brimstone’s abilities in Valorant

Brimstone is a Valorant agent who uses unique mini-map cast abilities. These powers can help dominate a round if in the hands of a player with macro-level understanding.

Half of his abilities open up a mini-map held in his wrist that can block off a part of the arena to protect his team from enemies or give cover to his allies’ controlled aggression.

Given Brimstone’s kit, he is instrumental in both offense and defense.

Brimstone’s abilities

Stim Beacon (C): For 100 credits, users can purchase a maximum of two charges of this ability. It allows the agent to send out a projectile whose area of effect is not bound by any walls, granting players standing in its radius an increase in reload speed, fire rate, weapon swap, and spread recovery.

Stim Beacone (Screengrab from Valorant)
Stim Beacon (Screengrab from Valorant)

Incendiary (Q): This ability costs 300 credits and can only be purchased once at a time. It allows players to launch a Molotov in a certain direction, bouncing off walls and detonating only when it hits the ground.

Incendiary (Screengrab from Valorant)

Sky Smoke (E): This is Brimstone’s signature skill but requires 100 credits to purchase, and players can purchase up to three.

Using this ability opens up a mini-map on Brimstone’s wrist, allowing players to choose locations where they want a cloud of smoke to fall from the skies for defense or offense.

Sky Smoke tactical map (Screengrab from Valorant)

Players can keep moving while the tactical map is open to drop smokes while on the move.

Sky Smoke (Screengrab from Valorant)

Orbital Strike (X): As for Brimstone's ultimate, it takes six ultimate orbs to get the ability ready. Using this ability opens the tactical mini-map where a larger area than that of Sky Smoke is shown.

Orbital Strike tactical map (Screengrab from Valorant)

It brings down a blast from the sky, which lingers for a few seconds and whoever is caught within its radius takes massive damage over time. The closer the player is to the center, the more damage they sustain.

Orbital Strike (Screengrab from Valorant)

Tips on improving gameplay with Brimstone

Though there are no hard and fast rules to be followed to become more valuable as a controller with Brimstone in-game, a few tips can improve a gamer’s perception of the gameplay.

  • The ability, Sky Smoke, facilitates movements around the map. By blocking off sniping lanes early on into the round, users can always minimalize casualties and help teammates cover ground through communication.
  • With the slightest hint of the enemy’s attack, gamers can always put a Stim Beacon in a corner right in front of the enemy’s push, leaving them second-guessing, which gives teammates some time to position themselves.
  • Using Orbital Strike to stop spike plant or even defend a defuse in a clutch situation becomes extremely handy.

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