"Casters get paid nothing": Valorant caster Uber explains why there are broadcasting issues for esports tournaments

(Image via Mitch "Uber" Leslie)
(Image via Mitch "Uber" Leslie)

Mitch "Uber" Leslie recently revealed the reasons behind the lackluster casting in Valorant esports tournaments in an episode of the Dustin Bowerman Show.

Uber spoke in depth about the current scenario of casters in the Valorant esports scene. He also stated why the entire scenario has actually been caused by the Valorant community itself.

Uber explained that since the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have been facing financial trouble. This synchronized perfectly with the release of Valorant as Riot Games' next big esports title.

It led to a bunch of inexperienced and raw talent bursting onto the scene. According to Uber, these newcomers were willing to cast tournaments at less than half of the general rates set over the years.

This is one of the main reasons behind casters not being paid as much as they should be. Recognized casters with a ton of experience are now finding it difficult to find casting jobs.

Uber talks about caster issues in Valorant

Uber explained that the casters coming on to the scene are not entirely to blame for accepting casting contracts for a much lower sum. Given the global pandemic and everything that has ensued since, everyone wants to secure themselves financially.

Uber further stated that he has always chosen to share his casting rates with fellow commentators and community members. He believes that they can put it to good use. That doesn't change the fact that Valorant esports has been facing many issues when it comes to broadcasting talents.

The best way for upcoming talent to learn about the trade is by casting with someone experienced by their side. Due to discrepancies regarding payment, experienced and top-tier casters are not comfortable with the entire scenario.

Given that Riot Games is looking to create a bright and shiny future for Valorant esports, it is high time that the company steps in and resolves all pertaining issues. It is also up to all the casters and broadcasting talents to find common ground and work together.

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