Cypher in Valorant: Spycam placement spots in Haven

Image Courtesy: Riot Games. Image Courtesy: RockPaperShotgun
Image Courtesy: Riot Games. Image Courtesy: RockPaperShotgun

With three different plat sites, the Valorant map Haven might feel like one of the hardest maps to defend.

Not only will the map stretch your team thin when on defense, but the multiple entry points of each site make it almost next to impossible to defend if your team is opting for a 2-1-2 formation.

Accurate information relay and shot-calling are some of the most important factors to winning in a map like Haven. Hence, an Agent like Cypher excels in this map of Valorant.

With proper Spycam placements, he can hold off a plant site all by himself during both defense and post-plant scenarios.

Valorant Haven map Callouts

Before we go onto showing you some of the unique Cam spots in Haven, let’s first take a look at all the callouts in Haven.

During Defense or Post-Plant situations

1. A Site.

A. The spot above A-link

This spot above A-link will allow you to get a complete vision of A-Site along with A-Tower and A-Long entrance. As the cam is placed in a very cozy little corner, enemies will have a hard time finding it, and you will have vision of them for the entire round of Valorant.

B. Inside the wooden outposts in A-Tower

This is another spot that hides the camera rather well. The enemies will have no clue that you’re watching their every move if they’re aggressively pushing into the site of Haven map in Valorant.

C. On top of the building near A-Short and A-Site Connector

This camera spot may not be as effective or as well-hidden as the other two; however, it does get the job done and gives you an unobstructed vision of the site long enough for your team to rotate around the Valorant map.

2. B Site

A. Above the Raised Platform in B Site

The B plant site on Haven might be one of the hardest areas to defend in the entire game. It has way too many choke points, with 3 different entry points for the attacker to push from. Agents like Breach, Reyna, and Phoenix have a field day on this map.

So this cam position is a rather ideal one to get the necessary information that you can pass on to the rest of your Valorant team in Haven.

B. Above B-Site and B-Courtyard entrance

Another unexpected spot to put the camera in. This position will allow you to gain vision of two main entry points and the B-Back camping spot, where many players like to sit and camp post-plant.

3. C Site

A. Above C-Short double doors

C is a bit easier to defend than B and there are some unique camera angles you can try out to gain an advantage.

This spot above the double doors may be easy to find but provides a highly unexpected angle. It will help you to get the jump on the enemy if they are completely committing to a C push in Valorant.

B. In the building beside the C-long entrance

C-Long can often be very hard to defend if the opponent has a superior Operator user. Instead of going for a 1v1 sniper duel, you can just fall back and wait for the enemy to push onto you in Valorant.

This camera angle will spot them out and will help you cover some vital entrance points like C-Short, C-Link, and C-Cubby.

C. Inside the Burning building

Yes! There is a spot in the building where you can place your Spycam. It’s another uncanny spot, where you will be able to gain some vision without any enemy knowledge. This will also give you control over the three major entrance points along with the C-Site.

During Attack

A. On the crate in A-Lobby

There are two great camping spots for the defending team, one is in A-long and the other is in A-Short.

This camera angle from the lobby can scout out both points before you want to push into A-Site of the map in Valorant.

B. On the wall near C Short

C-Short is one of the best points in the map for attackers which will allow you to take control of both B and C simultaneously.

Often, a defender will camp by the C-Window, and if you’re pushing through the double doors without any information, you have a very high chance of getting one-tapped. This Cypher camera placement will help avoid that in a Valorant match.

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Edited by Utkarsh Rampal