Does Valorant have cross-progression between PC and consoles?

Does Valorant have cross-progression between PC and consoles?
Valorant cross-progression between PC and PS5/Xbox (Image via Riot Games)

With Riot Games all set to launch Valorant on consoles, players are wondering whether there will be cross-progression between different devices for the title. Valorant devs have promised to maintain the highest level of in-game integrity for console players. This means making sure that they don't fall behind or at a disadvantage compared to PC players.

For this reason, cross-play in Valorant between different devices will not be possible. However, cross-progression will be available between PCs and consoles. Here's what that means.

Cross-progression between PC and consoles: What does it imply?


Valorant devs have promised cross-progression for console players, indicating that the game will progress similarly on all devices. Episodes, Acts, updates, and everything else will all release and change at the same time.

Things such as new Agents or new maps will also be available for console players and PC players at the same time. Moreover, the current state of the game will be synced when the game launches on consoles.

Since Valorant is currently on its patch 8.11 in Episode 8 Act 3, the same will be available for consoles. New skin drops can be found on PS5 and Xbox as soon as they are released on computers.

This cross-progression ensures that everyone has the same level of experience despite having starkly different devices to play on. In terms of player experience, Riot Games has certainly expanded the game in a balanced manner.

Naturally, there were challenges regarding gameplay mechanics, as playing on a controller is completely different than playing with a mouse. This is the primary reason why cross-play is not allowed.

Cross-play implies that console players would be able to play with and against PC players. With the game fresh on consoles, controllers lack the flexibility that a mouse provides, putting console players at a significant disadvantage.

However, to balance things a little bit, Valorant has added aim assist on consoles and a new Focus mode that allows PS5 and Xbox players to have steadier and faster aim during hip-fire.

By default, the left trigger helps players enter the Focus mode. Even though the new mode helps aim better, it still isn't at the same level as a mouse, which is why only cross-progression is available in the game and not cross-play.

Players will soon be able to experience it all when the game is released for consoles. Riot Games will first launch a limited beta and players looking to have the game on their devices need to register for it on the game's website. The beta will go online on June 14, 2024.

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