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Everything we know about “Ninja’s Time In vs BBG” drama in the Knights Before Christmas Valorant event 

BBG is reinstated into the tournament after being cleared on Time In's accusations
Modified 20 Dec 2020

A couple of hours ago, the Knights Before Christmas Valorant event suddenly saw a mess in its hands when Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and his team Time In accused BBG of using cheats against them.

Now, the player in question was Tristan "Critical" Trinacty, who had an incredible showing in the 2-0 victory against Time In. By the end of the set, he had 312 ACS (Average Combat Score), 48 kills, and an average Damage per Round of 171.8.

Ninja and Time In were quite suspicious of his performance and even brought into question some of his Sova clips. In those clips, Critical seemed to be tracking the position of his opponents and hitting Sova’s ultimate with pitch-perfect accuracy.

The accusations and the clips alone were apparently enough for the Knights Before Christmas Valorant event moderators to disqualify BBG.

James O’ Connor, the president of Knights Nation, stated in a tweet reply to Slasher that:

“After reviewing the clips, I made the final call to DQ the team. With the tournament continuing tomorrow and us putting competitive integrity first, we suggested BBG decline to play, and they agreed. Riot is currently reviewing his 4th cheating accusation in the past few months.”

In reply, Rob "rob-wiz" Kennedy of BBG put up a TwitLonger in support of Critical and stated that Riot had already cleared him of all his past allegations.

Moreover, for the Knights Before Christmas Valorant event, there was a request sent to Riot to review the Vanguard info for the match. 

However, Riot's staff have all been on a Christmas break, so the game could not be reviewed, and as a result, Built By Gamers were eliminated from the tournament.

Rob concluded by saying:

"The evidence is just not enough. I have to think the fact that Ninja has such a big following is a factor in this, but who knows."

BBG is reinstated into the Knights Before Christmas Valorant event


Well, the “Valorant cheating drama” didn’t end with BBG’s Disqualification. However, James chose to reinstate BBG back into the competition as the internet “Anti-Cheat Police Department” found no evidence of foul play.

In a follow-up tweet, James wrote:

@AntiCheatPD did not detect anything, so we are reinstating the team whether they chose to play or not. Ninja's team will not move forward. Thanks for the fast response during the holiday.”

Now, this led to a lot of backlash from the Valorant community, and the organization was heavily criticized for how easily they decided to do a backflip on their decision, as it was not even Riot who cleared BBG of their accusations.

According to BBG, one of the clips that Ninja and Time In highlighted was when Critical was using Hunter’s Fury and tracking his opponents perfectly with that.


However, many players, along with professionals like Sentinels' Jared “zombs” Gitlin, came out in Critical’s support to say that spamming Hunter’s Fury from that angle is very common.

The Valorant community is not taking the recent events of the Knights Before Christmas Valorant tournament lightly.

Many are not happy with how things have gone down in the tournament in the recent months the way they did.


The decision made by the Pittsburgh Knights organization has significantly jeopardized the competitive integrity of their Knights Before Christmas Valorant tournament.

Published 20 Dec 2020, 17:24 IST
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