Exploring Valorant's "stuck at 0.1kb/s download speed" error on Windows and possible fix

Slow download speeds can be annoying while trying to download games like Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Slow download speeds can be annoying while trying to download games like Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Amitesh Dhar

While Riot Games regularly pushes patches to keep Valorant bug and glitch-free, players will likely encounter an error where the download speed is stuck at 0.1kb/s. This can get annoying because it hinders the installation process.

This error isn't new. Players have been complaining about it for quite some time. While there's no specific fix yet, there are a few workarounds players can try.

Riot Games is usually proactive about patching Valorant's glitches


An unstable internet connection could trigger this issue. The following are a few workarounds.

The first method would be to hit pause and try again. Doing so causes the Riot Client to halt any connections to the Valorant download server and refresh the connection. In most cases, this should work. However, there's a high chance that players might have to repeat this process a few times till the download completes.

Another fix should be restarting the Riot Client. Restarting the client usually forces the computer to re-establish a connection to the download server. This usually solves the issue. Players can also try to restart their modem or router.

However, if none of these methods work, players can restart their entire system. This should close all network connections and other apps, draining power and bandwidth. Once the system restarts, players can relaunch the Riot Client and re-attempt the Valorant download.

Of all these methods, at least one should do the trick. No one knows which method works because these three methods yield different results for different people.

There is another method, but it's slightly unconventional. Players have reported that playing a YouTube video in the background and starting the Valorant download usually fixes the issue and prevents it from happening.

This method is strange because it is generally understood that an unstable internet triggers the error. But an unstable internet connection should also affect a YouTube video in the background. While this is an unusual method, some claim it worked for them. It is likely that the YouTube video pushes the connection and maintains a steady bandwidth. However, this is just speculation.

Some players believe that shutting off Discord during the download process helps remedy this error. Discord consumes a lot of bandwidth, so if it runs parallel to the Riot Client, there's a high chance that download speeds will be affected. It would also be helpful to close any other apps or downloads taking up download space.

With the new map in the latest episode, there's a high probability that more players will voice concerns about this recurring error once the new update drops. The above methods should enable players to rectify the error while downloading future patches. It would be best if Riot Games patches this error for good.

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