Former Nguyen Valorant pro Gh0st gets unfairly banned by Vanguard

Cheating has been a perennial issue with games like Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Cheating has been a perennial issue with games like Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Preyashu Halder

Valorant is a competitive shooter, and Radiant being the highest rank in-game requires a lot of perseverance to be achieved. Reaching that rank requires consistent practice, skill, and game sense. But, like CS: GO, Valorant has a cheating problem of its own.

Vanguard is the kernel-level anti-cheat for the game, and it is quite advanced, though a few people believe it’s a bit invasive. But it’s well-known that nothing can stop cheaters from cheating, and they will find new ways to do so.

Everything from aimbots to wallhacks and trigger bots that shoot automatically when the crosshairs are on an enemy has been found in-game.

Valorant pro Nicholas “Gh0st” Graham, a former Nguyen player, got banned live on ShahZaM’s stream recently. From a video on Twitch, it was seen that Gh0st was suddenly banned from the game.

Gh0st unbanned from Valorant; Riot official weighs in on issue

Luckily, Gh0st got unbanned from Valorant, and a Riot Games anti-cheat analyst commented on Reddit about the incident. He replied from the Reddit ID, RiotK3o:

“Hey everyone, after review, gh0st has been unbanned. The account flagged a detection. However, after we looked into it, we saw an extremely rare unintended collision and have reinstated their account. We’ve made immediate changes so that this won’t happen with other players. We routinely QA both our detections and accounts that have been banned (both through routine reviews and Player Support escalations). Unfortunately, this was a situation where we weren’t 100% precise, and gh0st was an unfair victim of rare circumstances. I apologize for the damage this may have caused, and I appreciate the patience from all the parties involved while we sorted this out.”

He said that it was an uncommon and unintended occurrence, and they have changed it immediately so that it won’t happen with other players. The dev also mentioned that it was a situation that was not 100% precise, and Gh0st was an unfair victim of rare events.

They are not blaming ShahZaM for this because it’s clear that it was a fault from Riot’s side. Gh0st also tweeted today, saying he is now unbanned.

Here’s hoping that Riot will look into this matter and not ban innocent players from the game in the future.

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