How 100 Thieves is Shaping Up for Valorant 2021 Champions Tour

Image Via 100 Thieves
Image Via 100 Thieves
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After claiming the regional title in First Strike NA, 100 Thieves is looking to continue their success at the Valorant 2021 Champions Tour.

The memes of 100 Thieves being regional champions is undoubtedly a good start for them, but Global Champions has an even better ring to it. It seems that the massive overhaul to the original roster has paid off. Despite being together for just a few months, the group was able to deliver on the biggest stage Valorant has had so far. And worryingly for their competition, they’re only going to get better.

Assessing where 100 Thieves stands ahead of the Valorant 2021 Champions Tour


After winning First Strike NA, the expectations for 100 Thieves are quite high. Every team will be looking to take down the reigning champs.

During First Strike, 100 Thieves’ Spencer “Hiko” Martin and Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk were the top two players in kills per map. Nicholas “Nitr0” Canella of 100 Thieves was in the top ten. With three players playing at such a high level, 100 Thieves will be hard to beat.

100 Thieves ran a very interesting team composition in First Strike’s main event. In every game, 100 Thieves’ two younger players, Asuna and Quan “Dicey” Tran, only played as duelists-agents. Asuna played Phoenix, Raze, and Reyna, while Dicey played Jett every game.

In-game-leader Joshua “Steel” Nissan played two sentinel-agents - Killjoy and Cypher. Nitro played Omen, and Hiko played mostly Sova, with a few games as Raze.

The agent composition of 100 Thieves is ultimately why they were able to prevail. Each player is comfortable with their roles when using their particular agents. The three CS: GO Veterans Hiko, Nitr0, and Steel, have mammoth amounts of experience in FPS, while the young Asuna and Dicey seek out engagements as duelists.

Don’t forget 100 Thieves has an MVP caliber player in Hiko. In the First Strike main event, Hiko was the leader in total kills, total assists, and kills per map. It’s safe to say Hiko is the best Sova in Valorant NA.

His resourcefulness is unrivaled with full utility. Not to mention, the guy has the clutch-gene. 100 Thieves will continue to be a force to be reckoned with as long as Hiko provides the x-factor.

Hiko gave his opinion on the First Strike official stream after 100 Thieves' victory,

“I think we’ve definitely set a statement now that we are one of, if not the best team in North America."

100 Thieves took out both TSM and Setnintels, who are considered NA Valorant’s best teams in terms of power rankings. IGL Steel has demonstrated his ability to call strats against two very good teams. Now, 100 Thieves is the team to beat.

Valorant Champions Tour will take place throughout 2021. 100 Thieves has shown they have the stamina to compete in a long tournament, adapting and improving along the way.

This roster won’t see any changes any time soon. Once these guys build more chemistry, they will be even more formidable. First Strike may have just ended, but 100 Thieves already have their eyes set on the next prize - the Global Title.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod


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