How to get the Pity Party spray in Valorant

How to get the Pity Party spray in Va (Image via Twitch)
The Pity Party spray in Valorant (Image via Twitch)

Valorant is full of customizable options that add spice to the game. From creating a circular crosshair to changing the color of the text in a chat, there are a lot of things players can do.

Developers have also added skins for different guns purchased, skin upgrades, and gun buddies. However, certain items in Valorant are not purchasable with Valorant Points.

Riot Games often partners with other companies to give away cosmetic items like skins for free. However, claiming free items requires players to follow a few key steps.

Recently a spray called Pity Party was introduced as a reward for Prime Gaming members. The spray looks like a robotic hand playing a tiny violin. Players must have a Twitch account, Amazon Prime subscription, and most importantly, a Riot Games account to claim the spray.

Valorant: How to get the Pity Party spray

If a player doesn't have an Amazon Prime account, starting a free trial is sufficient to claim the Pity Party spray. The steps given below need to be followed to claim the spray:

  • Navigate to Twitch and log in to the account
  • Choose the profile in the top right corner and head over to Settings
  • Click on Connections and scroll down to Riot Games
  • Select Authorize
  • If the player never logged into their Riot account on the browser, then they will be forwarded to a pop-up where they need to log in to their Riot account. In cases they have logged into their account before, the authorization process will be completed automatically.
  • The Riot and Prime Gaming accounts will be connected after the authorization process, and the players will be able to claim the Pity Party spray.

To complete the process, head over to Prime Gaming’s official website. Then choose Valorant. The option to claim the Pity Party spray should be there. After clicking on Claim Now, the spray will automatically be added to the player's account.

The next time the player logs into Valorant, the Pity Party spray will be in the collection and used during matches.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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