"I was rooting for VLT, but now I think I'll support GE": Pinkcess at AMD Skyesports Souvenir Valorant LAN Championship

Dhwani "Pinkcess" Bhat comments on Steamer Showdown at AMD Skyesports Souvenir LAN (Image via YouTube/Skyesports)
Dhwani "Pinkcess" Bhat comments on Steamer Showdown at AMD Skyesports Souvenir LAN (Image via YouTube/Skyesports)
Adarsh J Kumar

Valorant enthusiasts all over India were delighted to witness the first-ever international LAN tournament on home soil. The Souvenir LAN Championship was hosted by Skyesports in coordination with AMD, featuring four top-tier organizations from South Asia.

The AMD Skyesports Souvenir Mumbai 2022 is a four-day event that aims to improve the competitive ecosystem of Valorant in India. Four of the best South Asian contenders — Global Esports, Velocity Gaming, Enigma Gaming and Team Snakes — made their way to Mumbai to experience the first Valorant LAN of their career.

This is EPIC! Team Shakti Water vs Team JOD 😅#LegacyBegins #LANisBACK

Day 3 of the event witnessed some of India's top Valorant content creators compete on LAN for the first time ever in the tournament's Streamer Showdown. The best-of-three matchup was a treat for the audience as they watched some of their favorite Indian streamers battle it out on-stage.

Pinkcess shares her thoughts on ongoing AMD Skyesports Souvenir Valorant LAN Championship

The exhibition matchup split the steamers into two squads - Team Jod (Euphoria, Rakazone Gaming, Fa2, Mili, and Eclairs) and Team Shakti Water (Binks, Sentinel, Tbone, AnkkitaC, and Pinkcess). While Team Jod were exemplary in their approach, Shakti Water put up a performance that earned them a 2-1 victory.


After the Streamer Showdown at Skyesports AMD Souvenir LAN, Sportskeeda Esports had the opportunity to talk to Dhwani "Pinkcess" Bhat about her first-ever LAN experience. Pinkcess commented:

"This is a memorable one. Firstly, it was with my fiance. And I had all my friends around me, plus (in) my team, so it was way too fun."

With roughly 72.5K subscribers on YouTube, one might easily recognize Pinkcess as one of the most popular streamers in India. For the Streamer Showdown, she teamed up with fellow streamers who she has shared the screen with several times in her streams.

Pinkcess also spoke about being delighted to share the stage with her fiance Mithul "Binks" Nayak, who is a professional Valorant player for T69, and one of India's top streamers.

Sportskeeda Esports also asked Pinkcess who she was rooting for in the remainder of the AMD Skyesports Souvenir LAN, to which she responded by saying:

"I was rooting for VLT, but now I think I'll support GE."

Pinkcess joined Velocity Gaming (VLT) as a content creator as early as November 2021. VLT was one of four teams competing in the tournament. However, after consecutive losses to Team Snakes, Global Esports and Enigma Gaming, Velocity Gaming was eliminated from the tournament and denied the opportunity to progress to the Grand Finals.

After the conclusion of Day 3 of the AMD Skyesports Souvenir Mumbai LAN, Global Esports and Enigma Gaming qualified for the tournament's Grand Finals event, scheduled for May 3. Two of India's top contenders will fight on the big stage for the glorious championship title of India's first-ever international LAN for Valorant.

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