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Is Valorant's in-game rank display aiding player toxicity?

Valorant Ranking Image by Riot Games
Valorant Ranking Image by Riot Games
Modified 21 Dec 2020, 00:02 IST

Valorant has become one of the world’s top competitive esports games within months of its launch.

Valorant assigns a rank to every player, based on their performance in Ranked Mode matches. These ranks range from Iron 1 to Radiant. There are a total of 22 ranks to climb through. 

Toxicity in-game is the dark side of Valorant. Some players act toxic towards both their teammates and opponents through gameplay and in-game communication. Riot games have implemented a reporting system in Valorant and take regular action against players with multiple reports of toxic behavior.

Some valorant players feel like the in-game rank display might be aiding the toxic behavior of some players.

The rank disparity in Valorant

Valorant players are assigned a rank based on their performance in a ranked match. A player’s rank is used to team them up with, and match them up against, players of similar skill levels. A player’s rank changes based on their performance in recent Ranked mode gameplay. 

Valorant displays the rank of all the players in a team on the scoreboard during a match. Some players feel that displaying rank aids in toxic behavior. Redditor u/hey_im_banana recently wrote: 

“It just encourages egoistic players to be more toxic and unhelpful to teammates. ”

Even though Valorant teams up and matches players against other players of similar rank, there might sometimes be a difference of 2-3 ranks in a team. Toxic players may call out and insult someone with a lower rank, even if the difference is of 1 rank, just because that person has a lower rank. 


Having a higher rank than a toxic player might not help. A toxic player expects to be carried and won’t help out the teammates. Whenever the higher ranking player fails to carry, the toxic player becomes abusive. 

Toxicity in-game should never be encouraged. Considering Riot Games’ supportive open communication with the community and player base, they should look into the matter soon and take appropriate action. 

Published 21 Dec 2020, 00:02 IST
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