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It's possible Valorant Episode 2 will bring an entirely new game mode

Valorant players seem to be in for a lot come the next Episode (Image by Riot Games)
Valorant players seem to be in for a lot come the next Episode (Image by Riot Games)
Modified 28 Dec 2020, 09:01 IST

Valorant has become one of the world’s most famous team-based competitive FPS game within months of its launch.

The shooter launched with a lot of content, and the developers have promised to support it for the foreseeable future. They add new content in the form of new Acts and Episodes. Episode 1 has 3 Acts, while Episode 2 will launch in early January.

With each Act, Riot Games has introduced a new battle pass, a new Agent, along with either a new map or a new game mode. The Ascent map (Episode 1: Act 1) and Icebox map (Episode 1: Act 3) came out this way, while Episode 1: Act 2 saw a new game mode, Deathmatch.

With Riot alternating between a new map and new game mode, players have been speculating about the possibility of the latter in Episode 2: Act 1.

Valorant game modes

# 1- Ranked Plant/Defuse

In this game mode, two teams of 5 players clash to either plant the spike on designated sites or prevent it from being planted. This is the primary game mode through which a player’s rank is affected.

#2 - Unranked Plant/Defuse

The unranked version is quite similar to its ranked counterpart. However, unlike the latter, it does not affect the rank of a player in Valorant.


#3 - Spike Rush

The spike rush is a much shorter form of the plant/defuse gameplay with random weapons and abilities.

#4 - Deathmatch

Deathmatch is a recent addition with Episode 1: Act 2. In this game mode, 14 players fight to get the highest number of kills.

Other than the standard game modes, there is a practice mode and a custom mode.

Possible upcoming game modes

#1 - Team Deathmatch

With Valorant recent snowball fight for the holiday event, fans are excited about a possible TDM mode. Team Deathmatch could undoubtedly be exciting and bring the gunplay of Deathmatch and the team aspect of the plant/defuse to the forefront.

#2 - Story Mode

With its deep lore, interesting characters, and potential storylines, Valorant’s single-player story mode campaign could undoubtedly be impressive. Other FPS games, such as Call of Duty, are well known for their story modes. However, a Valorant developer recently confirmed there are currently no plans for a traditional story mode.

#3 - Gun Progression


Valorant could certainly introduce a gun progression mode similar to CS: GO’s Arms Race. Players would start with a Classic and progress through a tier of weapons all the way to an Operator and finally a Knife. They would move on to the next level when they get a kill, and the first one to get a kill with a knife would be the winner. This mode could be an exciting deviation of the standard Deathmatch and would certainly match the tone of Valorant.

#4 - 2v2

With CS: GO’s Wingman and with CoD: Modern Warfare’s Gunfight, the 2v2 game mode has slowly risen to be a fun addition to an FPS game. However, Valorant’s maps are made for a 5v5 setting, and with a low TTK, 2v2 might not be suitable for the game.

There can be more possible additions to the game modes in the future, such as a battle royal or a co-op wave horde shooter. However, the most likely mode seems to be Team Deathmatch, though everything is speculation until official confirmation.

Published 28 Dec 2020, 09:01 IST
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