Latest datamined strings suggest that Valorant might be getting a ranking system like League of Legends

Valorant might be getting a ranking system like League of Legends

With a new Valorant patch comes new source files, which data miners love to dig through.

This digging often leads to great discoveries, which helps out the Valorant community by giving them an idea of what Riot might be working on for future updates in the game.

With Valorant patch 1.14 going live just a few days ago, data miners have been having a field day with the latest updates. Recently, they discovered a string of files that hint at a possible ranked system change in the upcoming updates.

Data miner Shiick, who is also the creator of Valorant Checker, dug through the files that came with patch 1.14 and found strings that show that Riot’s shooter might be getting a Ranked LP system, just like that of their MOBA League of Legends.

Two of the strings read:

  • RankedRatingNeededText: “100 Ranked Rating points needed for rank up.”
  • RankedRatingContinuationText: “At Immortal and above, your Ranked Rating points will continue to accrue.”

This kind of ranking system feels very similar to the one in League of Legends at the moment, and Valorant fans find it to be very good news indeed.

Valorant getting League of Legends’ Ranking System might be a good thing

Valorant’s Competitive mode has its fair share of issues, which Riot has been trying to fix ever since the mode went live on the servers.

From having an underwhelming LP gain/loss system to demotivating players from grinding ranked matchmaking, the mode has several problems that Riot needs to solve.

Introducing a ranking system like the one that is there in League of Legends might be the first step towards a fix that the Valorant community has been looking for.

Lack of motivation to play ranked games has caused many high-level players to create smurf accounts. And abolishing the arrow system and bringing in actual numbers as ratings to help one gauge the effectiveness of their daily grind might be the required boost to help Valorant retain its competitive integrity.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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