Major Astra lore disapproved by Valorant's Narrative Director

Major Astra lore disapproved by Valorant's Narrative Director (Image by Riot Games)
Major Astra lore disapproved by Valorant's Narrative Director (Image by Riot Games)

A recent theory about Valorant’s Ghanian controller Astra was disapproved by David Nottingham, the Narrative Director of Valorant.

Over the last year, Riot Games’ competitive FPS Valorant has not only catered to a worldwide multiplayer community and created an esports sensation, but has also nurtured a fascinating world with rich characters, intriguing storylines, and in-depth lore.

Astra, a Radiant from Ghana, joined the Valorant Protocol roster in Episode 2 Act 2. With Astra joining the roster alongside Viper and Omen while Brimstone received major buffs, it made the controller class a viable option in-game.

A recent theory about Astra was disproven by none other than David Nottingham, the Narrative Director.

David Nottingham, the Narrative Director of Valorant, disapproves of major Astra theory.

The theory originated from a third-party company called We are Royals, which worked with Riot Games on the Astra teaser. The company had put out a blog post describing their work with Astra and linking her powers to Lake Bosumtwi, which is the only natural lake in Ghana. According to We are Royals, it is the source for Astra’s Radianite powers.

Every Radiant has unique powers, and Astra’s powers include stars, which she can place in her Astral form. The stars can then be used to creator either a gravity well, a nova pulse, or a nebula that dissipates. Astra can also create a cosmic divine wall to divide the map into two parts.

The theory of Astra’s origin blew up on social media when several influential lore enthusiasts tweeted about it. Soon after, David Nottingham tweeted and disapproved of the theory. He said,

A quick note on lore for VALORANT, anything you see from a non-official source that ‘reveals’ new info about the world or characters, take with a grain of salt. When we want to reveal/confirm major backstory or lore it’s going to be via official content, in-game or otherwise.

Well-known lore enthusiast Cynprel elaborated on the matter by tweeting out,

Hey lore friends! That last tweet contained info from a third-party source. While they did in fact work on Astra’s teasers, the info in that text was never approved by the VAL team. Until it reappears officially, it is not canon. (Lake similarity is only a solid idea now.)

The page from We are Royals has since been deleted.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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