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New leak suggests some form of XP system coming to Valorant

An XP system that rewards Valorant play? (Image by Riot Games)
An XP system that rewards Valorant play? (Image by Riot Games)
Modified 22 Mar 2021

ValorLeaks recently tweeted something that grabbed the attention of a lot of individuals in the Valorant community.

ValorLeaks is a prominent data miner, famous for their timely news about different Valorant-related updates coming out or hidden somewhere in the system. They recently tweeted some information that seemed to show some new form of XP system hidden in the game.

Valorant’s new XP system

In the tweet above, the data miner showed some XP gain for a particular something. While everything regarding this XP system is unknown, many think it may be connected to what other Riot Games titles have.

There can be lots of speculation about how it will work or what the XP system really is for. These questions can only be answered once an official announcement is made regarding this matter or witnessed first-hand in-game.

While some think it is some sort of leveling system for overall account mastery, others believe it can be a mastery level for each agent, just like the one in Riot's other endeavor, League of Legends.


The publisher has already successfully implemented a level system in LoL, which everyone in the community praised. In the system, gamers get a different XP after playing every single match from which they stand to gain many exciting rewards.

By reaching a certain level, they could be rewarded for their dedication.

As for Valorant, the implementation of this system can only bring positive changes to the community. For a game that takes pride in designing astounding weapon skins, it is costly to afford any of them if players did not acquire them through a Battle Pass.

Hence, an additional way of standing a chance to gain these rewards just by playing the game would be a plus.


Impact on the community

Even though there is nothing official announced by Riot about an XP system coming to Valorant, it has still sparked some joy in the community.

Minutes after posting this tweet, the data miner saw an influx of several comments from members of the Valorant community expressing their joy and asking questions.

Published 22 Mar 2021, 10:24 IST
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