New Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 battle pass player card hints at a backstory between Sova and Cypher

Image by Riot Games
Image by Riot Games

A new player card included in the Valorant Episode 2 Act battle pass has hinted at a rivalry between Sova and Cypher.

Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 launched with a new agent and a lot of new cosmetic items for players to collect. The battle pass includes new weapon skin sets, gun buddies, sprays, and player cards.

Along with the “Good Job Paul” and “POLYfrog,” the battle pass includes a new card in the versus series with Sova and Cypher facing each other.

Sova and Cypher: The Hunter and the Intel

Sova, codenamed Hunter, is an initiator agent of the Valorant Protocol. The agent from Russia is often described as someone who finds and eliminates his enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. Sova’s custom bow and incredible scouting abilities ensure that even if the enemy runs, he/she cannot hide.

As an archery expert, Sova can use different arrows with his bow to find enemies or shock nearby adversaries. He can also deploy a recon drone to locate opponents. With his ultimate, he can fire three deadly shots across the map through the wall.

Cypher, codenamed Gumshoe, is the Moroccan information broker and a sentinel agent of Valorant Protocol. He is often described as a one-man surveillance network. Cypher keeps a tab on every enemy movement, every secret, and every manoeuvre.

The Moroccan surveillance agent has the ability to trap and reveal the location of enemies. He also has a spycam, which can be used to surveil from a distance. With his Ultimate ability, Cypher can reveal the location of all enemies from a fresh enemy corpse.

Both Cypher and Sova joined the Valorant roster during the launch. Sova and Cypher will now be getting a versus card with the battle pass of Episode 2 Act 2.

Sova vs Cypher: A new addition to the Valorant versus series

The versus series is one of the most popular series of player cards. It depicts two agents in a battle against one another and hint towards some hidden lore between them.

Previously, the versus series included three distinct player cards. The cards were as follows:

  • VERSUS // Phoenix + Jett (Episode 1 Ignition: Act 2, Chapter 8 Tier 38)
  • VERSUS // Raze + Killjoy (Episode 1 Ignition: Act 3, Chapter 4 Tier 17)
  • VERSUS // Omen + Sage (Episode 2 Formation: Act 1, Chapter 7 Tier 31)

Like its predecessor, Valorant Episode 2 Formation: Act 2 introduces a new versus card that hints at hidden lore between the Hunter and the Intel of Valorant.

The versus series also included player cards depicting rifles against each other.

The cards were as follows:

  • VERSUS // Vandal + Phantom (Episode 1 Ignition: Act 3, Chapter 9 Tier 42)
  • Epilogue: VERSUS // Vandal + Phantom (Episode 1 Ignition: Act 3, Epilogue 5)
  • VERSUS // Victory + Defeat (Episode 1 Ignition: Act 1, Chapter 5 Tier 25)

The card VERSUS // Sova + Cypher portrays the two agents facing off.

Versus Sova + Cypher image by Riot Games
Versus Sova + Cypher image by Riot Games

Regarding the player card, Sean Marino, the Art Lead at Valorant, had this to say:

"Players have also given us great feedback on the VERSUS cards, so we’ve decided to hint at a little more Agent lore through a card featuring Sova and Cypher."

Fans are excited and theorizing what actions could've led the two to oppose each other.

The player card can be collected by completing the battle pass of Valorant Episode 2 Formation: Act 2.

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