Are Valorant players getting more tilted in Deathmatch than in their daily competitive grind?

Valorant players despise the deathmatch system in-game (Image via Riot)
Valorant players despise the deathmatch system in-game (Image via Riot)

Deathmatches are meant for aim practice, whether it’s CS:GO, Valorant or any other shooter game. It has also been proven that warmups can give a huge performance boost to any player.

The deathmatch rule for FPS games is quite simple. Players can kill players on the other team, but the opponent respawns right after death. However, players don't respawn in the same spot as before. The randomness of deathmatch puts players in various 1v1 situations to test their gunplay.

Valorant’s deathmatch is a bit different. In Valorant’s deathmatch, the game mode is a free-for-all shooter, which means anyone can shoot anyone. At the moment, players are having issues with this system.

Valorant Deathmatch issues

A Reddit post was made by “theonlymeme” regarding the problems. The post mainly discusses the troubles players face in a deathmatch. These problems are very much relatable by players and a long discussion had started because of it.

The current problem Valorant’s deathmatch has is the fact that the map gets too congested with 14 players. Having so many players on one map, it is difficult to take proper 1v1s fights without third parties. This makes the experience annoying for many players.

Valorant's deathmatch spawning system is also very problematic, as sometimes the spawning system fails to position players for a fight. This is something CS:GO’s deathmatch can handle easily. Many players also face the issue of having a respawn timer rather than just respawning instantaneously. The delay between fights because of both the respawn timer and algorithm really makes the deathmatch uninteresting.

There are also issues with the game mode's kill cap system. It is a fair point that kill caps make players wait and camp for kills, which becomes extremely aggravating. In every FPS game, camping is not enjoyed by many, so it is better if Valorant’s developers reworks their deathmatch system.

Instead of having a kill cap system, Valorant can try a point-based system similar to CS:GO. This will increase gunfight rates and make the game mode more aggressive for aim training.

There is no word on changes to deathmatch, but Riot developers don’t overlook problems related to their game. It is quite possible in the future that Riot might bring some changes to Valorant’s deathmatch. If the changes do happen, it might lead to some controversies in the Valorant community.

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