I’m very excited to see how the Indian teams will shape up to other rosters during the VCC: Nikhil “Sieh” Bhansali, professional Valorant caster

Nikhil “Sieh” Bhansali, professional Valorant caster
Nikhil “Sieh” Bhansali, professional Valorant caster

With Riot Games finally partnering up with NODWIN Gaming for the Valorant Conquerors Championship, the Indian and South Asian communities are quite excited about the level of competition that the upcoming event promises.

Many Valorant personalities, along with casters, team owners and players, have been quite vocal about their expectations from the tournament. Getting a chance to represent the region on the international stage is something that was long desired, and with the VCC, the pathway circuit event towards the Valorant Champions Tour is finally here.

In an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Abhishek Mallick, professional Valorant caster Nikhil “Sieh” Bhansali opened up about some of his thoughts on the VCC, and how he feels the Indian teams will fair to the rest of the competition.

Q. With the Valorant Conquerors Championship, India and South Asia finally get a shot at international representation. It’s something that you and the community have wished for, for quite some time now, so what were some of the emotions you went through when the announcement on Riot and NODWIN Gaming’s partnership officially dropped?

Sieh: When I first heard of a South Asia tournament leading to VCC, I was absolutely ecstatic. The excitement had me unable to sit and continue work for at least a couple of hours.

Q. What are some of your expectations from VCC? What would you like to see from the competition once it officially kicks off? Who are some of your tournament favorites going in?

Sieh: For starters, I want us to match the broadcast level of major regions. This implies a dedicated host, team/region-based guests on the analyst desk, and the best Valorant casters of the region.

Secondly, I’m very excited to see how the teams will shape up, compared to the Pakistani rosters. Squads like Portal, Salt esports are very much capable of upsetting the general favorites in Velocity Gaming and Global Esports.

Q. Being one of the more successful Valorant casters in the region, the community often looks forward to the excitement and energy that you bring to the games. Can fans expect you to be a part of the VCC casting team once it kicks off?

Sieh: I certainly hope so! I did say that I’d like to see the best casters on the broadcast, and well, I think I can put up a good case for why I could be one of them.

Q. For South Asia to reach the VCT champions stage, not only do they need to go through their regional qualifiers but the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers as well. How well do you think the Indian and SA teams will fair against some of the best that the APAC region has to offer?

Sieh: When it comes to LCQ, our biggest concern is Korea. We’ll be facing 2nd/3rd placed teams from SEA/KR/JP and I believe, on a good day, we could take on SEA and JP, but KR will be a whole other beast.

Irrespective, just the exposure from playing Valorant against those teams will be humongous to the team that qualifies as well as the whole community, because they get to learn a lot and then bring that back into our region

Q. Is there something special you have planned for your YouTube channel for VCC?

Sieh: Yes, definitely! I am in the midst of planning some really cool surprises, so I hope to see y’all there.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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