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Icebox in Valorant is still giving players in lower elos a difficult time

Icebox still seems to be dividing opinion (Image via Riot Games)
Icebox still seems to be dividing opinion (Image via Riot Games)
Christian A.
Modified 01 Jan 2021, 12:58 IST

Although Riot Games has made substantial changes since Icebox's introduction in Valorant, many players are still not satisfied.

Each rank may see a match on Icebox play out differently, especially in lower elos, meaning Icebox can still be a nightmare in the game.

Has Icebox been updated enough to be considered a good map in Valorant?

At lower ranks, players are unlikely to have the aim required to effectively clear corners or aim duel opponents with the vertical advantage. 

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Additionally, in ranks like Iron and Bronze, controller agents will be less efficient in cutting off sight from their enemies. Without smoking effectively, lower elo teams will have a harder time executing on Icebox.

In patch 1.14, Riot made five changes to the map. Many of these adjustments were made on the A Site to reduce the verticality of some angles. Icebox is still relatively new, though, so Riot may make additional changes in the near future.

Although these decisions have created a more fair experience on Icebox, it’s no secret that players in lower elos are still struggling. 


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r/Valorant has been an excellent source for dialogue when it comes to openly discussing the game.

Users have taken to Reddit to express their feelings. u/Jazzy Red said:

“I don’t understand Icebox A Site, and at this point, I’m too afraid to ask.”

With 400 upvotes and counting in just a day, it’s safe to say many players are experiencing similar thoughts.

An Immortal ranked player, u/eriF, responded:

“Well it is tricky, but a lot easier if you create your own angles with your equipment. The easiest to do would be to put Cypher traps at the left and right entries onto the site, tuck yourself in one of the corners and activate the cage so that they walk into the trap. If you get one kill + damage on another, you did your job.”

It seems that the best way to play on Icebox, at any elo, is to use an agent’s utility to get into the right positions. Players must not wait on an enemy to make a move and be afraid to be creative.

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Published 01 Jan 2021, 12:58 IST
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