"It is going to be easy": Global Esports' Bazzi on facing DFM in VCT 2023: Pacific League Super Week

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Global Esports' Bazzi in VCT 2023: Pacific League (Image via Riot Games)

Things are heating up in VCT Pacific League, with the Super Week in full swing. After seven weeks of tough competition, the teams that have not yet made it into the playoffs are stepping on the gas for the last mile of the competition to keep their dreams of making it into the Valorant Masters Tokyo alive. On Week 7, Global Esports took on Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ). The VCT Pacific Match started off on Fracture and ended on Pearl, with RRQ taking both in a dominant fashion.

Abhipsito Das of Sportskeeda Esports interviewed Park "Bazzi" Jun-ki after the match. The Initiator player for the team spoke about his role, mistakes the team made in the game, and more.

GES Bazzi speaks about VCT Pacific League match against RRQ and more

Q. You are an Initiator main at the moment. Which is your favorite Initiator Agent to play and why?

Bazzi: Skye. I like the fact that she can heal her teammates as well as flash for them.

Q. What advice would you give players trying to go pro as Initiator-mains?

Bazzi: You gotta get rid of your ego and not go in first. You should play to set your teammates up more.

Q. What did you think about your individual as well as the team’s overall performance today?

Bazzi: I felt like my aim was really sharp today, but the overall team’s performance was very disappointing for me.

[What are some of the things that you could have done better as a team today]

Bazzi: We literally kept giving away so many thrifties. We could have won if that didn’t happen.

Q. About Fracture, the map was pretty neck-to-neck for the most part. What mistakes on Global Esports’ part do you think gave the opponents the edge in the end?

Bazzi: We made way too many mistakes. One thing I can recall is that we couldn’t hear the defusing sound in one of the pistol rounds.

Q. The team has used this same composition on Pearl since VCT LOCK//IN. What are some of the elements that make the composition so strong?

Bazzi: We have beaten many teams with this composition because we can throw a lot of utility at the enemies with the double Initiator comp, and we have a lot of information on what’s happening in the map for the same reason.

Q. If you have to point out some things that you found impressive in RRQ’s playstyle in today's VCT Pacific matchup, what would they be?

Bazzi: Lmemore’s Killjoy and all the dry peeks from him. That’s one of the biggest reasons behind their victory.

Q. With this loss, chances of making it to the playoffs for Global Esports become quite low. What are some of your biggest takeaways from this season of VCT Pacific?

Bazzi: What I realized is that there is not much difference between the top teams and the bottom teams. I learned that we shouldn’t underestimate any team.

Q. Next week is the Super Week in VCT Pacific League. Which team are you more excited to face and why?

Bazzi: DFM. [smiles] Because it is going to be easy.

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