“My love towards FPS games began with Valorant, so I am very emotionally attached to it” - Radhe “Little DrunkGirl” Joisar

Radhe “Little DrunkGirl” Joisar on her love for Valorant
Radhe “Little DrunkGirl” Joisar on her love for Valorant

Riot Games' Valorant has had an incredible impact on the Indian esports scene ever since its official release.

Not only was it able to help the nation's competitive PC market thrive in recent months, but it also had a significant effect on the video games content creation arena as well.

In an exclusive conversation with Abhishek Mallick of Sportskeeda esports, popular Valorant streamer Radhe “Little DrunkGirl” Joisar opens up about how Riot's shooter helped her find her identity. She talks about her days before content creation, and what about Valorant inspires her to make content on it every single day.

Q. Radhe, I think your fans would love to hear about your journey. So tell us a bit about what got you into video games content creation, and did the persona of “Little DrunkGirl” come to be?

Radhe: On a witty note, I’m an international skater off-stream and I play games to chill out. The journey of LDG (Little DrunkGirl) started with a small thought that popped up in my best friend’s mind. He told me to entertain my audience and make them laugh since I’m already good at gaming.

He gave me the idea of uploading montages of my gameplay. As a result, I got amazing support from the fanbase on my very first montage itself and that’s how it all started.

My IGN is the best part of my channel, if you see my gaming name - Little DrunkGirl, you might find it to be a bit tricky and funny. However, it has a deep-rooted meaning, as it depicts my addiction to gaming and streaming.

Q. There is usually some degree of prejudice against female video game content creators, especially in a nation like India. How do you deal with some of the toxicity and sexism that comes your way, and continue to pursue your passion?

Radhe: Life can never be without hurdles. I have always found my way out while dealing with the most difficult of situations. As they say, God is always there, so stay positive.

My philosophy is that if one has haters, then he/she has supporters too, so he/she must not worry and should just go on. Lately, we female gamers have to get staunch support from various platforms like Rooter in order to be taken seriously.

Q. The Indian streaming industry is growing rapidly, as well as the appetite for video games content. There has also been a significant rise in the number of female video game content creators as well. What would you say has been the percentage growth of female streamers in the scene? What are some of the factors that lead to this rise?

Radhe: The gaming market in India is expected to generate three to four billion dollars by 2023 and the revenue from the game-streaming industry is expected to be around three hundred to four hundred million dollars. The Indian streaming industry is going to be one of the biggest as the viewership is gradually rising.

Initially, my mother did not support me but she gradually understood what I was doing, and slowly she started believing in me. Many female streamers are unable to showcase their talent due to family problems. My suggestion for them is to address their problems and make their family understand what they actually want to achieve on the gaming platform.

Q. Even a few years ago, there was a big disparity in pay between a male and female video games streamer. Would you say that this gap has been steadily reducing over time? What is the average income for a female video game streamer today?

Radhe: As far as I know, no gap exists in the market currently. Income is always based on how much time and energy you invest. Creativity also plays an important role, and payment is based on ability.

To motivate and bring up new female streamers, there might be disparity initially, but not in the future. Every streamer earns on the basis of the output they give on any platform.

Q. Your video game content channel “Little DrunkGirls” is almost entirely built around Riot Games’ Valorant. What is it about the game that attracts you so much that you are willing to invest so much of your time and energy in it?

Radhe: I began my journey in gaming in Class 5 and gradually started getting attracted to shooter games. I preferred mobile games, but my route changed when I got my new laptop and was introduced to PC gaming.

Since Valorant was my first PC game, it played a crucial role in my identity as the “Little DrunkGirl”. I like the graphics and pace of the game. My love towards FPS games began from the Riot Games classic and so I am emotionally attached to it.

Q. Who is your favorite Agent and why?

Radhe: I prefer Sage and Omen because I use them a lot. Since my gaming style is never aggressive, I prefer to play as a support agent.

Sage is a sentinel who can heal her mates as well as herself. I am into Omen, as I like his teleporting abilities.

Q. Tell us a bit about your content creation process. What are some of the thoughts that go behind your videos, and from where do you draw your inspirations?

Radhe: When I think of content creation, there are three factors that play a crucial role: creativity, quality, and the correct audience.

Q. You have been a part of the Rooter streaming platform for some time now. How have your experiences been there so far?

Radhe: It's been a month or two and the experience with Rooter has been awesome. The platform is progressing really well and moving ahead at a faster pace. I am obliged to be with Rooter on this amazing journey.

Q. What would you say are some of the major differences between Rooter and other streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch, especially when it comes to helping you connect with your audiences?

Radhe: Rooter is a bud that is going to bloom into an amazing flower. My major streaming platforms are Rooter and YouTube. I get to interact with an engaging audience on both platforms.

Sometimes, I lose my match but it does not bother me much, as I love connecting with people. Rooter is doing a great job by being a leading Indian streaming app and I am proud to be a streamer on Rooter.

Q. What’s the future like for “Little DrunkGirl”? Do you have anything special in store for your fans in the coming months?

Radhe: Streaming is my source of happiness and I always love to entertain people. My viewers can expect new videos based on the crazy ideas that my brain comes up with.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee
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