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Omen's ultimate animation bug allows Valorant players to shoot while it's still channeling

There's another ability bug for a hero, in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Christian A.
Modified 02 Jan 2021, 09:58 IST

Omen’s ultimate ability, From the Shadows, is a great tool for gaining information or relocating in Valorant.

While channeling his ultimate, Omen is supposed to be unable to shoot enemies. In a recently discovered bug, though, players have discovered that the agent is able to shoot opponents before he fully teleports.

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Valorant players are dying to an unintended Omen glitch

Riot Games is looking for a fix currently, but until then, players must beware of Omen’s ultimate.

Reddit user u/kazefujin said:

"While studying the recently discovered glitch using Omen's Dark Cover (his smoke) I managed to discover another part of the bug: if you cast both the smoke and the ultimate at the same time, you can shoot and cast skills while invulnerable. Hopefully this gets patched soon because it's undoubtedly a game-breaking bug."

Rycoux, a verified Riot Employee, added on Reddit:

"Oo, that’s a bad one. We’ll try to find out what’s going on and get to this next week. Super nice find!"

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This isn’t the first time a character had an exploit or glitch that players were experiencing. In some cases, Riot has decided to remove the agent from the selection screen until the issue is resolved. In this case, though, Omen is still available in all game modes.

Although the glitch doesn’t occur every time Omen uses his ultimate, it may be best to temporarily remove him. The exploit can very easily be the reason a team loses a close match in competitive.

On the r/Valorant Reddit, players have had discussions on how they’ve been affected by the glitch thus far. Many are frustrated as Omen is still able to get kills with his ultimate. Hopefully Riot fixes the issue soon.

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Published 02 Jan 2021, 09:35 IST
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