"They studied us pretty well" - GodDead on Gen.G's defeat against ZETA DIVISION in VCT 2023: Pacific League

Gen.G GodDead in VCT 2023: Pacific League (Image via Flickr)
Gen.G GodDead in VCT 2023: Pacific League (Image via Flickr)

Week 8, Day 3 of VCT 2023: Pacific League has come to an end. It saw two thrilling matchups, with Rex Regum Qeon facing Talon Esports first, followed by Gen.G vs. ZETA DIVISION. All teams were closely matched, and both games had to enter the third map. In the face-off between RRQ and Talon Esports, the former came out on top with a scoreline of 2-1. Similarly, in the second match, ZETA DIVISION beat Gen.G with a score of 2-1.

Following the latter game, Rishabh Kalita from Sportskeeda esports got the exclusive opportunity to interview Kim "GodDead" Sung-sin. This is a professional Valorant player from South Korea and a member of Gen.G. In the interview, the esports athlete talked about their most significant takeaway from the match against ZETA DIVISION, their most challenging opponents, and much more.

[Disclaimer: This interview was translated from Korean.]

Gen.G GodDead talks about their match against ZETA DIVISION in VCT 2023: Pacific League and more


Q. What do you think of your individual performance today?

GodDead: Aside from Ascent, on the other two maps I just didn't shoot very well and that was disappointing.

Q. How do you believe your team performed? Are you satisfied or do you think there’s room for improvement?

GodDead: Yeah, for sure, we have a lot to improve. Today our teamwork wasn't great nor was our aim. So yeah, we definitely need to improve.

Q. This was one of the most important matches for both Gen.G and ZETA DIVISION. What did Gen.G’s preparations look like heading into this match?

GodDead: We prepared as usual. We studied their VODs and try to hone our individual mechanics.

Q. Were there any plays or tactics used by ZETA today that might have caught you guys by surprise?

GodDead: I don't think there was anything that we didn't expect. It was more like they prepared for us really well. They studied us pretty well.

Q. Did any moments from today’s match stand out to you in particular?

GodDead: On Fracture, the way enemy Killjoy set up her Nanoswarms on B Tower; that's where I felt like they prepared for us really well because we like to attack B Tower.

Q. What was your biggest takeaway from today’s match against ZETA?

GodDead: I learned that even if I am struggling, I shouldn't change my crosshairs or my individual settings. Whatever settings I have for myself are the ones I should stick to until the end.

Q. Based on all your matches in the Pacific League so far, which team do you think was the most challenging to play against?


GodDead: I would have to say Paper Rex because it's been a really long time since I felt like I was out-aimed consistently. It's not like other teams who might have been better prepared for us strategically or from a teamwork standpoint. Paper Rex just outshot us.

Q. You mostly play Initiators. What do you think is the most challenging aspect of this role?

GodDead: I think it's just having to memorize a lot of setups or lineups.

Q. Outside of Valorant, what are some other activities that you like engaging in?

GodDead: I play a lot of TFT to reset mentally or I just go out for drinks.

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