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Valorant bug is disabling players from using weapons and abilities

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
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Modified 23 Feb 2021

Valorant bugs can range anywhere from minimal to game-breaking. In most cases, bugs will affect one aspect of the game. In this case, however, the bug prevents players from doing pretty much anything mid-game.

When bugs are discovered, players frequently go to the r/ Valorant Reddit to share their experience. Reddit user EuphoriaJustice posted a clip showing how he was unable to pick or use a gun or even use his abilities.

Valorant players are experiencing a game-breaking glitch and are unable to use weapons or abilities

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

The original post, which was uploaded just one day ago, already has 258 upvotes on Reddit. Additionally, many other users have commented, expressing that they have also experienced this bug.

Not only was the player unable to swap his Bucky for the Vandal that was on the ground, but he was also unable to shoot an opponent when he encountered them. Luckily, he didn't die during the round, but the results could have easily been different.

Once the round was over, it was apparent that the player's abilities were also disabled. Although they were all purchased, his abilities had no effect when he activated the abilities.

One user, terumen_99, experienced the bug in a crucial situation. He said:

"I had this too in a 1 v 4 clutch, killed 3, planted spike, positioned myself, and outplayed the last one, and this happened (could only hopelessly watch him defuse)."

In a tactical FPS like Valorant, it’s crucial for players to be able to quickly use weapons and abilities. This bug renders players useless for entire rounds, which can cost them in the game.

Another user, ChainofChaos, suggested that the issue may be internet-related. He said:

"Sometimes you can run around the map while your agent is staying still where you got the lag, and after the connection is good again, you teleported back to your agent location. But your teammates should be able to see that your ping is actually disappeared means you're lagging."

Reddit has been a great forum for discussion, and posts often attract the attention of Riot Games' employees.

Unfortunately, Riot is yet to respond to the issue at hand. Players will have to hope that Riot takes notice of the issue before it spirals even more out of control.

Valorant players can stay up to date with the bugs in Valorant by viewing the Bug Megathread on r/ Valorant.

Published 23 Feb 2021, 12:12 IST
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