Valorant developers address long-requested agent skins

Valorant developers talk about agent skins on live stream (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant developers talk about agent skins on live stream (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant's Art Lead, Sean Marino, addressed the long-overdue topic of Agent Skins on the Valorant Episode 2 Developers Livestream.

The existence and development of Agent skins for Valorant wasn't ruled out by the devs. However, it was made clear that there is no possibility for agent skins in the foreseeable future. 

Upon being questioned if Valorant could probably witness Agent Skins in 2021, Sean Marino answered,

"No concrete date, don't expect them anytime soon."

Agent skins have been a lingering question since Valorant was first revealed as Project A. However, with Valorant yet to complete its first anniversary, it might be a bit too soon to expect agent skins from the devs. That being said, the devs have not entirely ruled out the idea of agent skins, suggesting Valorant could witness unique skins for each agent in the future.

Here's everything to know about probable agent skins in Valorant.

Agent Skins in Valorant

The revelation from the developers keeps the hopes for agent skins in Valorant alive beyond 2021. However, with absolutely no details being teased for the same, it remains extremely difficult to speculate the probable skins.

Nevertheless, with multiple other issues to focus on, agent skins is a topic which can afford to see a delay. Compared to the issues regarding smurfs and AFKs, agent skins seem like a mere cosmetic upgrade which shouldn't be prioritised.

Additionally, some players are also concerned about the impact of agent skins on gameplay. Everyone who plays Valorant has gotten accustomed to the present color schemes of the agents. Changing those via skins can lead to additional confusion among players at crucial in-game situations.

With that said, all about agent skins remains to be speculations and theories at this point. Until and unless Riot Games makes an official announcement regarding this, everything continues to remain a mystery.

However, it is safe to say that the developer prioritising important issues over purchasable in-game cosmetics is an extremely positive sign for the community. With Valorant continuously growing as an esport, the developers are doing a commendable job behind the scenes to help the game evolve and thrive.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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