Valorant developers talk about improved ranked system and upcoming running-accuracy changes

Developers talk about upcoming accuracy changes in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Developers talk about upcoming accuracy changes in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

In the latest episode of Ask Valorant, the developers have revealed that update 2.02 will bring about changes to the "running+shooting accuracy" in-game factor.

The latest episode of Ask Valorant, which released on January 28th, shed some light on the upcoming update. It also addressed issues regarding the new ranked system. The new ranked system was implemented along with the release of Chapter 2 in January.

The developers admitted that the new ranked system was facing an issue where players were able to climb through ranks faster on their alternate accounts. However, the issue also caused players to rank up slower on their main accounts. Riot Games has admitted that update 2.01 contained fixes for the issue and that players can now expect to be ranked according to their skills and abilities.


The following is a rundown of what the developers had to say about the upcoming changes to the running+shooting accuracy in Valorant.

Running+Shooting Accuracy changes in Valorant

The developers have revealed that they are currently working on balancing the shooting accuracy for weapons when in motion. They had previously mentioned that they intend to lower the accuracy of weapons while running. However, the latest release does not shed much light on what changes could be seen in patch 2.02.

Apart from reassuring changes in 2.02, the developers admitted that the initial changes will be implemented only for rifles. This is because changing too many systems at once can cause the entire shooting experience in Valorant to take a drastic turn.

However, the developers don't want to make any player have to relearn shooting habits, thus the changes will be limited to only rifles for now. That said, the developers will continue to monitor the new update after its release. This will also ensure that necessary changes and hotfixes are released if required.

Having dealt with the issue of "run-and-gun" in Valorant, the community has been waiting for changes to the accuracy system for a long time. Now that Riot Games has finally confirmed that those changes are being implemented, it remains to be seen how these alterations affect the overall gameplay of Valorant.

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