Valorant players discover a Raze-Omen boosting strategy in Ascent

Players discover new Raze-Omen strategy in Valorant (Image via u/ThePiedFacer)
Players discover new Raze-Omen strategy in Valorant (Image via u/ThePiedFacer)

Valorant players had already discovered that Omen could use the Shrouded Step ability to teleport into the B site through Ascent's window . This strategy was uncovered after a Sage's Barrier Orb boost saw Omen gaining vision to execute a teleport.

However, given that Raze is a higher-picked agent than Sage, it remains to be seen how this Raze-Omen combo can affect the gameplay of Valorant.

According to u/ThePiedFacer's post on the r/Valorant subreddit, Raze's Blast Pack can allow Omen to teleport into the B site of Ascent by using the Shrouded Step ability if timed accurately.

Here's everything that Valorant players need to know about the Raze-Omen boosting strategy in Ascent and how it can have a massive impact on gameplay.

Raze-Omen boosting strategy in Valorant

According to the clip posted by u/ThePiedFacer, the Raze-Omen combo requires accurate timing from both players. This makes execution a lot harder, unlike the Sage-Omen combo, where both agents have a greater margin for error.

Nevertheless, if executed properly, this strategy can be extremely crucial in deciding the match's outcome.

Given that the respective window is much easier to access as an attacker on Ascent, this strategy can help catch the defenders off guard or at an uneasy angle. Defenders are often found holding their angles towards B main to get the opening frag on one of the Attackers.

Thus, teleporting into a B site and causing a distraction for the rest of the team to ambush will definitely come in handy.

Image via u/ThePiedFacer
Image via u/ThePiedFacer

Despite how slight the margin of error is, it seems certain that the Raze-Omen strategy will start appearing more often in Valorant as there's nothing that can't be solved with some practice.

However, this strategy's impact on professional games remains to be seen. Riot's response towards it will be just as intriguing.

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