Valorant's Fracture receives massive changes in PBE patch 5.07: New cubbies, A dish changes, and more

Valorant's Fracture will soon receive significant quality of life changes, as promised (Image via Riot Games)

The ongoing PBE 5.07 in Valorant seems to be testing massive changes to Fracture's map design. That said, there's been no mention of the changes in the PBE patch notes released earlier today. Riot Games will most likely make the changes official in the next global patch.

The map design team added some refreshing and balancing tweaks to Fracture. Players will now see a few renovated and improved structures and POIs, as shown in a video uploaded by @floxayyy, a notable Valorant informant.

Fracture in Valorant: Upcoming changes may make it less attacker-centric than before


Here are the changes that can be noted from videos uploaded by informants:

  1. The area between the CT-spawn and A Ropes has been shrinked in size and a rafter-like structure has been added in front of A Ropes.
  2. The box beneath A Drop has received a ramp-like addition.
  3. The space beside the box on top of the A site has been removed.
  4. A Drop now has an additional cubby at its opening towards A-site.
  5. One side of the two-way path circling A Dish has been removed, leaving players with one way to attack A Drop.
  6. The route from Attacker Side Bridge and B Bench has been widened.
  7. The box opposite of B Bench has been removed and a wide cubby has been added.
  8. B stairs behind the Radianite Box on site is now a smooth ramp.

The aforementioned changes to Fracture are expected to appear in the global version of the game alongside patch 5.07.

Fracture was the seventh map to be added to Valorant. It represents an abandoned research facility, which was previously the base for a top-secret collaboration between Omega and Alpha Earth. A failed Radianite experiment caused the destruction of the facility, turning it into a battle arena for skirmishes between Valorant Protocol and Legion.

Fracture's one-way ziplines and the absence of a mid-section make it one of the most unique maps in Valorant. However, Fracture is known to favor attackers, giving them optional routes to push into sites. This naturally makes it difficult for defenders to retake or hold a site.

The design team took note of the anomalies and hinted at introducing changes to the map. In fact, they have already managed to fulfill their promise.

The next global patch is expected to include the new Fracture adjustments, alongside significant tweaks to the blinding and near-sighting abilities of certain Agents.

Along with Fracture, the developers have also reportedly introduced changes to The Range in PBE 5.07.

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