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Valorant's new "Win 10 Unrated Matches" system to tackle smurfs could be leading players to throw ranked matches

Riot Games might need to step in as smurfs start throwing ranked matches in Valorant.
Riot Games might need to step in as smurfs start throwing ranked matches in Valorant.
Modified 20 Dec 2020

Smurfs have started throwing ranked matches in Valorant to get a lower rank after Riot Games introduced the "Win 10 Unrated Matches to unlock Competitive" system in patch 1.14.

According to the new system, players need to win 10 matches in Valorant's Unrated mode in order to unlock ranked matchmaking. This change has been implemented by Riot Games in order to tackle the situation of smurfs in the game.

The official statement from Riot Games over the matter reads:

"To help combat smurfs/AFKers, you must now win 10 Unrated matches before you can unlock Competitive."

Requiring players to win at least 10 matches before they can dive into ranked matchmaking ensures that the system has some knowledge about the player's skill.

This results in appropriate matchmaking according to the player's estimated skill level. However, smurfs or people who tend to abuse the matchmaking system have come up with a loophole to lower their rank at the cost of others.

Here's everything that players need to know before they unsuspectingly join their next ranked match on Valorant.


Smurfs throw Ranked games in Valorant

According to Redittor u/ZShakez's post in the r/Valorant subreddit, players have already started throwing ranked games to lower their rank. The redittor's post states that in spite of the new system being an exciting change in the fight against smurfs, matchmaking abusers have found a way around the new system.

Image Via Redittor u/ZShakez
Image Via Redittor u/ZShakez's post in the r/Valorant subreddit

Smurfing has been a massive problem in all forms of multiplayer games, however, throwing a match without even trying to put up a fight can be an extremely harsh experience for the players on that team.


Riot Games has always maintained a stern approach towards disruptive behaviour and seems certain that the developers might include a throw-detection system into Valorant.

However, until that happens, players are advised to be cautious of running into an unranked players who is on a malicious mission of lowering their rank at the cost of others'. Mass reporting such players is a suggested way to bring Riot's attention to that particular account and they might even end up with a punishment.

Published 20 Dec 2020, 02:03 IST
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