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Omen’s Paranoia speed can vary based on players’ Valorant play

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Modified 19 Dec 2020

Valorant’s diverse roster of Agents with their varying abilities is undoubtedly a core pillar of the game.

Players select their Agent for a Valorant match based on their role. There are four distinct roles to divide the Agents by: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel. Each Agent also has unique abilities to utilize in the match.

Omen is a commonly selected controller in Valorant matches, and he is very well equipped to misdirect and flank opponents and gain some much-needed advantage for his team.

Omen’s Paranoia is used to block the vision of opponents temporarily. On triggering the ability, he will launch a projectile in a straight line. It temporarily blinds all the opponents that it touches.

It was recently discovered that the speed of the Paranoia projectile isn’t fixed and varies with the player’s movement.

Even though the difference is of microseconds, in a fast-paced, low-TTK game like Valorant, that little advantage can indeed go a long way.

Understanding the precise time difference would give Omen mains an edge and a precise grip over their Paranoia ability.


A better way to play Omen in Valorant

Omen, codename Wraith, is a playable Agent in Valorant. His origins are unknown, except for the fact that he is a Radiant. Omen’s abilities are quite varied and interesting. Shrouded Step can teleport him a short distance while Paranoia temporarily blinds all the opponents in a straight line.

Recently, it was discovered in a Reddit post by u/ThePingPanther that the time taken by Paranoia to travel varies based on the player movement. Even though he experimented without any proper parameters, his calculated times are:

00:01:46 while moving forward

00:01:77 while standing still

00:02:48 while moving backward.

Players can watch his initial video here and a different pov video here.

Utilizing this difference in time, an Omen main Valorant player will be able to use his abilities fully.

Even if a player is standing still, pressing the W key while using the Paranoia will give a microsecond’s advantage. They will be able to blindsight opponents faster and attack.


On the other hand, moving backward whIle using the ability will utilize it for a longer time. It could provide a cover for the teammates to move.

Some speculations point out that getting boosted by a teammate would increase the speed more.

Regardless, knowledge of the time difference would undoubtedly come in hand while using Paranoia strategically.

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Published 19 Dec 2020, 15:53 IST
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